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    Try a different brand/flav. Some flavors(chocolate mostly) just make me feel a little sick all of the sudden, it comes and goes. I just switch brands/flavors when that happens, and I am good to go for a while

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    The lactose angle is a great thing to consider.

    One thing I would add is how much are you taking, how often, and what other protein sources/supplements are you using? If you're taking in above a certain amount for your body type/weight/activity level, or at a certain time, it's going to take longer to digest.

    AFAIK, the >30 g at a time = useless is a myth, but beyond a certain amount might take you personally longer to digest. It's not a problem for most people, but I've known some folks that can get pretty queasy if it takes them a long time to digest anything.

    The yoghurt and cranberry juice are good ideas, and I might add vinegar. Apple cider vinegar may not do all the magical things the home remedies crowd says it does, but a spoonful can help your digestion. I've used it with shakes/supplements etc. that seem a little harsh and it definitely seems to help out. Course, it doesn't taste so good itself, so just down it like a shot. Acidophilus (the good bacteria in yoghurt) and positive stuff in your digestive system tends to like a more acidic environment (hence the name).

    Of course, Chamomille tea also has similar effects . . . :XXhippylo:5grouphug:icon_flow

    As the other guys said, figure out the timing of the whole thing too. Could be with your new regimen your glucose levels or something else are getting out of whack. How much sugar does the protein powder have? Might make you feel weird if you're low and there's something up with your sensitivity.
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    I developed lactose intolerance about a year ago, dunno how that happens, but either switch to soy milk, or try mixing the choc protein powder with Orange juice

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    Try yogurt or an acidophilus supplement. I'd bet developing that type of intolerance just like that is the result of your gut bacteria being nuked or something. Actually, forget the supplement and use yogurt, lots of it. Since the lactose in yogurt has been broken down by bacteria, it should cause no problems to you.

    Similarly, eat pineapple and/or papaya. Both have enzymes that help in protein digestion (bromelain and papain respectively.) You could try taking these as supplements, but I'd strongly suggest you try the fruits themselves.

    Other fruits that help with digestion (but not as much with protein digestion as pineapple and papaya) are persimmon, mamey/zapote (Pouteria sapota, which you can find in Latin grocery/food stores), and cranberries.

    Chamomile and cranberrie juice as suggested by other posters will certainly help with digestion in general.

    And just so that no one miss this: fiber, you need fiber. If you are not taking enough fiber in your diet, forget about trying to take protein shakes. If the shakes don't make you feel sick, you'll certainly will get sick when trying to take a ****. You'll feel like you are passing a solid brick shaped like a pineaple.

    ** ps, if you drink a lot of coffee or sodas, stop for a while and aim at eating lots of yogurt and pineapple/papaya and drinking lots of water for several days. You'll see a big improvement in your digestion.
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    Niiiiice! I'm going to pick up some cranberry juice today, I like the taste of it anyway. I hate pineapple but I can stomach it if I need to and started taking those yoghurts too. I think I get plenty of fibre in my diet but I will keep an eye on it. Things just feel like they have gone a little out of sync since I started training more.

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    Try IsoPure protein. It's made from the non-lactose isolate of whey protein (no milk.)

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    I think TEM hit the nail on the head with the Acidophilius supplement. IIRC, my local Chemist (Pharmacist US-side) recommended it when I was recovering from food poisoning. He said it would enhance the flora complement of my digestive tract. This following some urgent visits to the toilet, you understand.

    In fact, visiting the Chemist is often better than visiting your doctor but you may already know that.

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    When I first started doing protein powder it made my stomach clench up. I kept using it for a spell and I got used to it - additionally when I switched to a clean diet I had unbearable stomach aches for days before my body acclimated. I don't have any issues now.

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    the only side effect i have had from whey protein is lots of stinky gas. that went away eventually.
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    It might be lactose intolerance causing problems, but for comparison purposes:

    1 cup of skim milk (250mL) = about 13g of lactose
    1 scoop of Optimum Nutrition Root Beer Float whey protein powder (32g) <= 1g of lactose

    So the armchair dietitian (me) thinks that if you can handle a quarter-cup of skim, the lactose in a whey isolate powder shouldn't cause much of a problem. That said, try out the yogurt therapy and see if helps.

    (Interestingly enough, the protein packet says it includes lactase in it as well)

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