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    Yeah, you got one here now... sorry I don't check this forum as often as I should.

    There are some great schools in California, I would have to bust out the map and see what is near you. San Jose has some great Judo as well.

    I think you are more likely to find laid back non meatheads in most Judo environments, I think you can find the same thing in a MMA school, or BJJ school, I think the vocal minority of douches ruin the overall opinion sometimes. Most MMA schools are filled with guys who are there to do their thing, learn, and have fun without having any ego involved.

    Finding a good Judo place isn't hard, most of them are going to be good and it sounds like you aren't interested in a highly competetive club, so it isn't as though you need some big name school, you just need a place where you can click with the people there.

    As far as bad habits go, that really depends on the individual and how you train... you won't have any instructor chastise you for finishing a throw in a dominant position. Most of the time, any GOOD competetive club is going to focus on that aspect anyway...

    Throwing and never going to the mat is an example of a bad competetive player, and a bad habit, competeting a high level you always land in a pin, a dominant position, or in place to apply a submission. It is the small time local and regional guys that get used to just throwing and never going to the mat, some of them do this as a means of conserving energy, but at an upper level, lack of ground game can cost you, as well as not finishing.

    Honestly that is a habit most instructors will try to teach, and you should do yourself, usually guys who don't go to the ground in a high level, or usually the ones that aren't confident of their ground game, and I would tather play it safe on points.

    Most good schools are going to have you work on transitions and ensuring you finish your throws.

    What other questions do you have?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dkbaumbach
    Hate to keep brining this up, but still looking for Judo practitioners to give some info... any out there?
    Go check out judo.

    You'll meet a great group of people. The randori is live and it's a great way to stay in shape. The cost is usually very reasonable.

    If you want to expand your game later to striking you can check out other arts.

    Judo is everywhere for a reason.

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