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    CB Dollaway Interview.


    I got a chance to interview CB recently. I'm starting to make a habit of pasting these over here for some MMA discussion.

    I really was interested in his answers about the confessonials adn editing and CB had some good answers. I'll be interviewing matt riddle and I may be interviewing Amir so hopefully I can dig some more.

    Franz: So, how's it going right now?

    CB Dollaway: Pretty good. Just trying to recover from Vegas.

    Franz: Taking some time off?

    CB Dollaway: Yea, just a few days. Then Saturday I'm going to get back to training.

    Franz: Are you training down there from anybody from the show? Did anybody come down there with you?

    CB Dollaway: Yea, actually, Matt Riddle moved down here and trained here for his last fight and everything and Gerald Harris is actually, he just moved to Arizona and he's going to start training with me over here at Arizona Combat Sports.

    Franz: Yeah, Riddle looked, he looked really good on the Finale. He looked almost like a different fighter.

    CB Dollaway: Yea, he improved a lot. I think it's been to his benefit to come down here and train with us.

    Franz: So do you think that your time on the Ultimate Fighter helped expand your game at all?

    CB Dollaway: Yea, I think it helped getting the experience of having all those fights. It's hard to get a lot of fights like that in such a short period of time. Yeah, I definitely think that was a great experience for me.

    Franz: It's almost like a little wrestling tournament.

    CB Dollaway: Yeah, kinda like a wrestling tournament except lucky to not get injured or anything like that throughout the show. Got to get all those fights in.

    Franz: Going to that Finale fight against Amir, that whole tapping controversy, was that just cause he had your arm separated and it was just a natural movement for you, you threw that one tap in and maybe you figured you had gotten your arm out, you didn't commit to the tap. What was that?

    CB Dollaway: At first, the first tap, right as I did that I got my arm out. To like the point where I could get it out. It's kinda like a natural reaction. I was just mad at myself and just kinda mad at the whole situation. I didn't want to see it end like that. Nothing I could do about it.

    Franz: That's gotta be frustrating. You train for weeks and then you just get caught in a sub early without taking much damage.

    CB Dollaway: Without even getting into a fight. Don't even feel like I got to fight. Put in a lot of hard work for the fight and for it to end like that, it just really sucked. Frustrating more than anything.

    Franz: Do you feel throughout that season you were accurately portrayed by the editors?

    CB Dollaway: Not really. They portrayed me as a really cocky, kinda arrogant person. I'm definitely confident when I talk about my fights. Definitely a confident person but as far like cocky and arrogant, anybody who knows me knows that I'm not like that but I did understand what I was getting into when I signed up for the show. Right in the contract it says that they have the right to portray you in any light that they want to and it's just a risk you take. Either way I think it was great publicity and a great way to get my name out there.

    Franz: Do they ask you questions during your confessional time because it seems like sometimes those answers are just coming out of left field and just edited in.

    CB Dollaway: They definitely ask you a lot of questions and almost lead you into where they want you to, kinda how they want you to answer it. They'll ask you the same question ten different ways to get the answers that they want so they can set you up almost. Put you in that light of the character they want you to portray.

    Franz: Besides Matt Riddle, did you have any other good friends, or anybody that you still keep in contact with from the show?

    CB Dollaway: I keep in contact. Pat Schultz, who's one of my roommates there, we stayed right across from each other in a room that we shared. Got to know him pretty good, he's one of the other guys and then pretty much all the Team Rampage guys except for Jeremy May. If I see him I'll definitely talk to him.

    Franz: Was Jeremy May really that bad? Was that the editing monster?

    CB Dollaway: No, Jeremy May was that bad. He's just one of those people I just couldn't really stand to be around but I didn't want to get into any kind of controversies with him or anything. After you saw what he tried to do to JT to get him kicked off the show, anyone who would do something like that, just shows what kind of character they have.

    Franz: Definitely, you could see that he was obviously pushing buttons for the result of trying to get someone kicked off the show.

    CB Dollaway: Yea, really, it's pretty stupid if you ask me. Total disrespect for a person, trying to ruin their dream.

    Franz: It's only the biggest thing that's ever happened to them, right?

    CB Dollaway: You have to be pretty much a complete asshole to try and do something like that to someone.

    Franz: Have you heard from Zuffa recently, have you heard of any new opponents coming up?

    CB Dollaway: Ya, I have something coming up, just can't release it yet. Who it is and when, but they'll be releasing it soon.

    Franz: Besides this TBA, is there anyone in particular that you'd like to fight?

    CB Dollaway: Not really. Just hopefully after this next fight I'd like to have a little time to work on some of my areas that need to be worked on. I know I need some time to get some things figured out and would like to get that done before I start calling anyone out.

    Franz: Have you been training and working on your sub defense and submission grappling, things like that ever since the Amir losses?

    CB Dollaway: Since the first one actually. It's one of the things I gotta work on is settling down a little when I get out there. I get a little over aggressive and kind of lose my head when I do that and put myself into danger, end up getting submitted. I gotta learn to not be as aggressive as I am or find a way to be safe while I'm doing it.

    Franz: Like you see with Amir, you can be really aggressive and put a hurting on a guy but when a guy proves to be so tough that's what make it difficult.

    CB Dollaway: When he sits back and he's pretty calm in there. Gotta make sure I keep my cool.

    Franz: To wrap everything up here, is there anyone else you'd like to thank, anything you'd like to say?

    CB Dollaway: Just like to thank MTX Audio and my management group LG Sports Marketing and my gym Arizona Combat Sports and all my training partners there.

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    Great interview, Franz. It's nice to hear from the fighters themselves, I think they all get kind of typecasted into simple characters for the reality show.

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    Good interview man, good to hear him comment on such things, namely that he doesn't consider himself to be as cocky or arrogant as the show showed.

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    With his huge forehead and flat face, CB always looked like a really tall dwarf to me.

    The part about the producers asking the same question from 10 different angles is interesting and explains about those annoying "I'm gonna whip his ass" segments shown before each fight.

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    Yeah, i respect CB slightly more, now though.

    However, his time you see him, can you ask him to lower his top lip when he speaks?

    PROOF that I'm not a completely useless poster:

    Quote Originally Posted by Cy Q. Faunce
    3moose1 is correct. Sig THAT, you fucker.

    Quote Originally Posted by sochin101 View Post
    I went out with a delightful young woman who was on a regimen of pills that made her taste of burned onions.
    That is not conducive to passionate cunnilingus, my friend, let me assure you.
    Quote Originally Posted by HappyOldGuy View Post
    I agree with moosey

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    Interesting what he said about Jeremy May. I knew they couldn't fake his douchebaggery.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BumFu
    With his huge forehead and flat face, CB always looked like a really tall dwarf to me.

    The part about the producers asking the same question from 10 different angles is interesting and explains about those annoying "I'm gonna whip his ass" segments shown before each fight.

    That's what many jobs do. They ask you the same question multiple times to see how you answer.

    Adds a whole new dimension to what we already new about the editing.

    Thanks for the interview.

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    I completely believed he "training tapped." That said, the armbar was deep. Still, this kid has a lot of potential and I hope to see him in some more fights soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Razamataz
    Interesting what he said about Jeremy May. I knew they couldn't fake his douchebaggery.
    Of course not. You can't fake that. He was like gabe ruediger but ten times the douchebag.

    No way anyone can fake that.

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    Well you know what they say guys. The camera adds ten pounds of asshole.

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