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    I am just saying, it prevents you from forcibly preventing yourself from doing anything, when the opportunity turns up.
    What the **** are you getting at? Examples, plz.

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    Quote Originally Posted by duelix
    Lol, if he could knock out a guy in one inch, imagine a real punch.
    When he does the one inch punch, the guy is always standing straight up, not covering himself, not moving, not doing anything. For all intents and purposes, there is no difference between one inch punch and breaking boards. A demonstration with minimal technical value speaks nothing about real application of a punch.

    Considering that JKD rarely kicks above the waist, all of you MMA obsessed people should start realizing that what he says makes sense.
    If you bother to read style fields, a good majority of the people on this forum don't actually do MMA. So stop labeling everyone into a group you think is persecuting you.

    And he didn't consider himself primarily an actor. That is why his movements are actually slowed down, not sped up.
    What the hell qualifies a person as a fighter? They fight. Athleticism, which he had alot of, doesn't make you a fighter. All those rooftop and backyard battles of Bruce Lee's are all hearsay. With all the fakes and frauds claiming "undefeated 600-0" fights these days, hearsay doesn't mean ****, especially when Bruce Lee's peers had lots of competition experience.

    And all you people who comment that Tao of JKD sucks should go and read the book.
    The book is terrible. It was put together posthumously, obviously an attempt to cash in on his name.

    Why do you think he was still going uphill past his prime? He himself says that in a real fight, he would tear his opponent's guts out. He didn't believe in fighting in the ring. Just because he didn't go out and punch other people for some arbitrary ranking makes him inferior? Really, you hotheaded guys should research something before you post. And yea, my reverse psychology survey is complete, I won't seem like a crazy lunatic anymore.
    Fighting in the ring and competing is the only way to test your skills. How exactly do you pressure test in your classes? I find it really funny when people use that "street and ring are different" argument (which no one would argue against anyway), and then go to class and point spar or just do forms all day long. Competition is the best way to adequately test your skills without breaking the law. How this is even an issue in 2008 is beyond me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by duelix
    Don't forget his achievment, one inch punch, and stuff li9ke that
    I had a feeling this video would bring out some brilliant observations li9ke this one.

    Can we assume from your style field that you have no formal martial arts training?

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