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    Quote Originally Posted by danniboi07
    Yeesh, how many times do I have to dig up tidbits of Judo in the media for you guys?

    Just dub it in English and put it on Cartoon Network. We'll be set.
    This has inspired me to be a better person.

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    Please do not do this. I like judo because
    1. Practicioners are not up themselves like every single other MA. We call ourselves players, not "artists" or dangerous, because we know we are playing a sport.
    2. It breaks egos by reminding you that speed, strength and stamina in a bout is paramount.
    3. It takes a longer time to get good at it because I really have to be able to do my technique in a bout.
    4. Its fitness demands make it realistic enough to use to defend myself.
    5. Because you will only gain higher dans for your service to the sport, its cheap and everywhere. Just $120 per year at my Uni.

    Its not impressive for outsiders to watch and never will be. It does it job well and does not brag about. Just because children are so easily led is no reason to change the world's 3rd most played sport. Tell him change to being another over charging BJJ instructor.

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    I started TKD (approximately 25 white belts) and Judo (approximatly 40 white belts) at the same time, and both had Many of the TKD from my first year got their black belts and many have gone on to higher rank tests and are out there teaching, only one from my first year of Judo to my knowledge got his black, and none are teachers.

    Conversly however many more of the judo white belt class, became bouncers or doormen or police, while in TKD no one chose those paths. Is it a social economic issue?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Just Guess
    Well if Ronda gets to gold it's possible this might actually happen. All the better for me anyway.:icon_wink
    Not a chance. We have had a Olympic and World Medalists in the 60's. We blew that chance. We had Multiple Medalists and Two World Champions in the 80's (Annmaria Burns 84', Mike Swain 89') and we blew that chance also. We had Multiple Medalists in the 90's including a World Silver (Liliko Ogasawara 93') a Olympic Silver (Jason Morris 92') and another World Champion (Jimmy Pedro 99') Jimmy was also responsible for Two Olympic Bronze Medals, and we squandered that chance also.

    Judo really needs to get it's head out of it's ass. The NGB's go in fifteen directions and can never get there **** straight to organize a PR plan to use the athlete's success not only to promote them, but this sport also.

    I don't mean to be the stick in the mud, but we really need to put in some hard work to capitalize on this recent success, or we will miss the bus again. If you can't capitalize on the rise of another World Silver and continued success of the UFC and WEC then we really have a problem.

    Train Hard, Stay Safe,
    Good Luck

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