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    Diet: Protein & Digestion Question

    Hey guys,

    I'm trying to get a handle on some easily digested high protein foods. I know that turkey & tuna are in this category, but I am clueless as to what other foods would be in this group. Does anyone know of any resources that might be able to help me or any advice from personal experience?

    I try to stay away from things like protein shakes/mixes and nutritional bars. I do take minimal supplements (fish oil, multivitamins, glucosamine) but I am mainly interested in actual food.

    I appreciate the help, You guys seem to be really knowledgable on this stuff. Thanks a million!


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    I think that pork is very easily digested - maybe the most easy meat out there for our bodies to utilize. Most meats (including milk and eggs) give up their protein more easily than most plant sources.

    But don't take my word. Just cloudy memories of long lost nutrition tips.

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    Goddamit people. Read the fucking sticky thread!!!!
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