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    I wasn't involved in high-level athletics in school, but I'd put a lot of my military training on the table with it. As an example, I was told to lightly touch my thumb and forefinger together while running to stay relaxed, almost exactly like your potato chip technique.

    What I didn't see was that attitude presented as a system, an end to itself, rather than a correctional tidbit. You coach was a guy who observed, understood, and was able to connect with his athletes on a very deep level. I envy you those experiences.

    Your example is actually great and really shows how widely applicable these kinds of things are. It shouldn't be restricted to the upper echelons of athletics.

    There is an unfortunate gap between what we know academically and what we practice as a culture.
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    Hello fellas, and gals! I was wondering if that eBook that is sold on the PRAMEK.COM site is worthwhile...same for the Russian Systema demo video that they sell. Some of the Russian joint manipulation and control "templates" look like what the late, great, sensei David Harris used to display at west coast demos with Steve Smith. Interesting stuff in my opinion. Plus, I like the Russian emphasis on just destroying an opponent by any means available. Closest thing to it on the commercial market is that "Close Quarter Combat Tactics" stuff that is taught in Australia.

    Any comments would be appreciated. I am a longtime practitioner ( since 1958 ) of all sorts of self-defense and combative concepts, tactics, techniques, and weaponry. At this point in my life I enjoy watching folks get all stirred up about things I was first exposed to in the 60's. Ain't much new under the sun...except for the firearms getting better and better all the time ( Gabe Suarez Force on Force is outstanding ).

    Semper Fi

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