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    Anybody else get this pain?

    So after practice tonight my left arm had a sharp pain at the wrist and elbow. I suppose at either end of the Radius bone to be more accurate. It hurt when I tried to rotate my hand either way and the pain became sharper when I tried to bend my elbow. After about 10 minutes it went away. I guess I worked it out by grabbing a table, keeping my arm straight, palm outward and lifting the table a little with my legs. I guess it kind of stretched things out and it settled back into proper alignment.

    I wasn't armbarred tonight. Although years ago I did have that arm hyperextended in competition to the point of hearing some gross popping noises. I've been hitting the weight room once a week and doing body weight excercises like pushups and pullups several days a week. 2 days ago I worked a heavybag.

    Anybody else get pain like this? I have also gotten this in my right forearm as well. My right arm was also hyperextended years ago. Is it scar tissue or a pinched nerve or things shifting out of place? Should I man up and go to the doctor?

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    FWIW sounds like it might be a nerve issue to me. Sometimes if you get something twisted/pulled the wrong way the nerve can even get pinched or displaced from where it's supposed to be. Things get inflamed making it harder to get back into place. Pain in the wrist and elbow could be something to do with the radial nerve. Could also be tendonitis, or some form of both. If you've got scar tissue or adhesions from old injuries it only adds to the mix. I'd say ice up faithfully, rest it, some ibuprofen, and see a doctor. You need to figure out exactly what it is so you don't make it worse, ie. you should or shouldn't massage it depending on what's wrong. If you're doing high reps on the bw exercises this might be an area to watch out for to see if it makes it show up more. Some times it's the # of reps/repetitiveness that makes things like this flare up.
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