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Thread: Rut ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poo-Jitsu

    Brooklyn, you aren't in a rut, you're just coming back from a long layoff.
    I suppose you are right, but I'm suffering similar symptoms of those who consider themselves in a rut. Idk. I just have a feeling that something just won't "comeback" just by attending class and training. I am feeling as if I have to make an extra effort to get out of my time induced "stupor".

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    Just a tip if you are wanting to improve in martial arts, this is what i have started to do and so far it has worked very well:

    Keep a simple journal after training, writing down things you did wrong/right during your training session (It is vital you have a couch who points these out). Also include ideas and theories you want to test out. Then the next session you have try to correct this problem.

    Many people listen to criticism but do not actively try and fix their errors, and don't improve as fast as they could.

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    Is it possible that because your getting better, people are actually going harder on you, making you feel like your not accomplishing as much? I mean if i spar with a orange belt, i let them make contact, throw combos, to get them comfortable and let them practice. If i just floored them then they learn nothing but how to take a hit. Perhaps the people in your school arent being as easy on you thats why you feel nothings working. But dont worry, that means your getting better, you may not see it but im sure they do.

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