Hi Guys and Girls.

Alex from ACT will be back over here on the weekend of 12th and 13th of July. He will be giving a seminar over those two days (Saturday and Sunday) in Conwy, North Wales. He will of course be working on the ACT longsword as he did at Leeds, (Introducing their ideas to new people or building on what some did at Leeds a few months ago), but he will also do much more on smaller weapons, e.g the Bolo, (It's roughly the same size as a Gladius so I am looking forward to that one).

You can find out more about ACT here....


The charge is once again 50 direct to Alex on the day, plus we will need to add a 10 charge towards the cost of the hall.

There is plenty of accommodation in the area and as it's before the schools break up for summer the cost should be very reasonable. There are also plenty of camping sites in the area. If anyone needs help with finding accommodation just ask as our member who lives there, Bryan, may be able to help out.

Apart from the castle, shops etc, the other attraction to Conwy is that Bryans shop, www.knightsgoneby.co.uk , is based there. A shop full of weapons armour etc etc, great place....

More details will follow over the next few days but please contact me here or direct to me...

[email protected]

if you are interested in attending.