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    Yip man

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    I have to give the same Answer as Jenfucius .

    It may sound Corny , but There have been like 5 Job Changes and 6 Moves for us to be able to Study Exactly where Im studying now , and exactly WHAT im studying right now . I study with David Bond Chan in NYC . (In FACT , Jen , you could ask LTL about him , they are pretty Familliar ,. appearantly)

    The guy has NO Sign out Front , NO Infomercial , or Merchandise , NO Elevator , just a VERY Clear Understanding of the Physics of Fighting better than ANY other that I was able to find after doing QUITE a bit of Research .

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    Excellent question. Torn between Rickson Gracie, Tony Blauer, Hoch Hocheim, and Don't Mess with Bill the Creator of Defendo.

    I'll go with Erin Toughill, she could help my game and I might get a chance to lay that pipe.

    One can dream......

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    Jenfucius, you train with Li Tai Liang? Awesome! Master Li is quite famous in the Sanshou world, please pass on my best wishes to him, he signed a t-shirt for me when i met him.

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    I saw a demo by Rickson at Pride. He is so fluid. Truely amazing.

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