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    MMA School vs School Tournament

    Date: July 26, 2008
    Time: Noon to 6PM
    Location: Santa Ana High School
    520 W. Walnut St., Santa Ana, California

    Men's teams: ages 18 and above. 16 and 17 year old may participate with parental waiver. Licensed professional fighters may not participate.

    Cadet teams: ages 11 to 13 yrs. 10 year olds may compete with parental waiver.

    NOTE- You can combine schools to make a team.

    This is a dual team event. The top four teams will receive a Trophy and individual medals for all top 3 team members. All teams are guaranteed a minimum of 2 matches.
    Men's Teams should have a competitor in each of the following weight classes:-135lbs -145lbs -155lbs -165lbs -175lbs -185lbs -200lbs -230lbs & 230plus
    Cadet (11 13 year olds) Teams should have a competitor in each of the following weights: -80lbs -95lbs -110lbs -125lbs -145lbs
    Teams may have up to 5 alternates. (3 for Cadet)
    Each Men's team will have a $200 entry fee regardless of the amount of competitors. Cadet teams will have a $100 entry fee.
    Team Uniforms and Sponsors are encouraged. Sponsors get a free venders table and can post a banner inside the venue.

    This is not an individual tournament. Winning Teams will advance in the tournament.

    Team Rosters and Registration fees must be submitted by July 19, 2008

    Questions: [email protected] Fax 949 305-9170 - Ph 949 829-6857

    Team Registration forms are available at: www.fightleague.org

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    do something in michigan, goddamnit.

    PROOF that I'm not a completely useless poster:

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    3moose1 is correct. Sig THAT, you fucker.

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    I went out with a delightful young woman who was on a regimen of pills that made her taste of burned onions.
    That is not conducive to passionate cunnilingus, my friend, let me assure you.
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    I agree with moosey

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    Prospective Teams include:
    (Some schools may combine with others to form teams)
    -Millennia Jiu Jitsu, San Bernardino CA
    -Subfighter, MCB Camp Pendleton CA
    -City Boys, Sacramento City College CA
    -Cleber Jiu Jitsu, Orange County CA
    -Fight Club 29, MCB 29 Palms CA
    -Riverside Submission, Riverside CA
    -Next Generation, Lake Havasu AZ
    -Tom Vo’s TKD, Orange County CA
    -Perry’s Athletic Training Center, Grass Valley CA
    -The Compound MMA, San Diego, CA
    - Throwdown Elite/ Lister, San Diego CA

    Prospective Cadet (11-13yrs) Teams include:
    Combined Orange County Team
    Combined Riverside Team
    Combined Ventura Team

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    This is what it will look like:

    Men’s Division Dual Team Match
    YouTube - Joseph Han - Fight #2 at 2007 So Cal Team Duals Pankration

    Kids Division Dual Team Match
    YouTube - Spencer Superfight ( Official Version ) DVD Hatchery

    Pankration Tournament Highlight Video
    YouTube - 2008 California State Pankration Championships Promo


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