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I think i can have them up tommorrow. That being said if you have health insurance you should get an appointment to your doctor, explain what you do for ma's and that it constitutes and athletic activity. Hopefully this will make it clear enough to him/her that you need physical therapy. You would do well to tell your therapist this info as well because a lot of them are expecting the average joe who just wants to be able to sleep and walk up the stairs to his desk comfortably.

I'll show you the exercises but there may be differences in your symptom from mine that would be easy to show during an exam but not on a forum. What if your pain is ligament or tendon? Doing the stuff I did during an intensive leg strengthening/neuromuscular training regimen may not be appropriate right off the bat if what you're feeling ISNT scar tissue.

Just dont want you to **** yourself up plus we're all gonna be old one day take care of your hips.
Yea I know what you mean. Im going to make a doc appt. tommorow after I get up in the mornin and work out, and see what could be the problem, hopefully nothin thatll **** me up to bad to keep me out of ma's.

Tnx for all the info's...