So this summer camp I work at gave me a job teaching martial arts. No big deal, show the kids some basic white belt punch and kick type stuff, great right? Well here shows up this kid from guess where? Yeah, Villari's. 9 years old. About to test for his black belt. Arrogant, short tempered, a show off, and sloppy. And of course going on and on about chi and deadly force and all this other stuff. So I decide to have these kids do a balance contest, should be easy for a kid who's almost a black belt right? Well he gets a scratch in the middle of his forehead and decides to scratch it with his knee. Upon this attempt, he falls and knees himself square in the freaking face, and runs off and cries. I hate Villari's. Nick Cerio is probably rolling over in his grave right now over what one of his students created.