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    Royce Gracie Seminar

    I finally get to meet Royce and do some training with him. It was a fun time and we just went over some basic techniques and got to shake his hand over he is a really nice guy. Being a Judo BB I was greeted with the utmost of respect and even was asked a few questions about take downs. We did a yoko guruma take down and a juji gatame along with some chokes from the rear and defending the body triangle. Mostly geared towards self defense and it weas very exciting to finally meet the man who got me into grappling after over 20 years of watching him.

    Scott, Royce and Josh
    Judo is only gentle for the guy on top.

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    That's awesome man.

    You say you went over basic stuff mostly. Did you pick up anything new? any new variations of things you've done for years?

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    I've always really enjoyed the seminars Royce gives. For a world-wide superstar, he really a down to earth nice guy.

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    Agree with all your good words.

    I had the good fortune to be invited to a seminar about 3 years ago - and unusually there weren't too many people there (but us Trad JJ guys provided about 6 so making up about half the numbers). He was the epitome of courtesy and good manners throughout. He took questions at the end and signed autographs with concentration rather than just dashing them off. Yep, I've got a signed RG Tee-shirt and I've never worn it - until I engage BJJ, it would be blasphemy!

    I also have a photo he took with me - as he did for everyone - and I've got a group shot (includes Meerkat in BJJ Blue) on my desk panel in the office.

    An incredibly classy guy and a thorough Gentleman.

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    I had a private / seminar with him about a week or so after Matt Hughes wamped his ass. He still had the bruises on his face. He was really cool. Seemed like a very nice dude. I've heard a lot of shitty stories about him holding out on promoting students and ****, but he seemed like a real cool guy. One of the students asked him if he was suprised at how strong hughes was, and he said he wasn't that strong. Maybe when he's compared to severn, etc...

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    I was at a seminar about a year or year and a half ago in the Raleigh/Durham area. That's where I got my blue. I didn't get the impression that he was holding out or anything, he seemed down to earth and really cool. I have a pic of me with him, but I look as tired and beat up as I felt, so no dice.


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