Well this is the 3rd time in a year and a half that have either broken my hand. But I come not to complain about the miseries of not training. I took two weeks off and then last night, hand in splint, I went to class.

I made sure to pair up with training partners I trust (something I do generally even when I am at 100%)

It was interesting to try to protect my hand while drilling and rolling. It makes you think in a totally different way.

So anyway i was rolling with this bigger guy. He's about 220 I am currently 150 (down from 220, thanks bullshido). He got me in full mount...I thought, "Well I do only have one hand and he is much stronger than I am"...

But i didn't quit. I worked elbow knee escape on my bad side since I couldn't use my hand. i eventually pulled him down into half guard. I secured my underhook and just went very slowly to try to take the back. Eventually he raised his hips and BANG...I got him with the electric chair.

I was pretty excited that I was able to pull this off with my hand in the shape it was.

Oh, it is an avulsion fracture of my thumb commonly called skier's thumb. That's all.