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    Wing Tsun, Muay Thai learn more about him there, he teaches both muay thai in a boxing sense and also things such as muay boran etc. Has alot of good young fighters and has done alot for the art in his time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lu Tze
    Sken was undefeated as a fighter (so the story goes), although he was never a stadium champion AFAIK. We're talking 40 years ago though.

    Thats besides the point though, because he along with Master Toddy are pretty much responsible for bringing Muay Thai to the UK (and Holland too I think). Between them they've produced a fucking shitton of world champions.
    Thanks for the information. I wonder what kept you from posting that earlier. I mean, it would have saved me having to attempt to evaluate the ************ based on two videos that don't show any fighting.

    Compared to him, you're the LARPer, so quit dissing him son.
    I like to LARP, what's the problem?

    Oh, and I didn't mean LARPing, as in bad technique. I mean LARPing as in demonstrating a variety of fancy looking, low percentage moves on an non resisting opponent and ****.
    Quote Originally Posted by Goju - joe
    being a dick with skill is only marginally better than being a dick without skill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Razamataz
    So you're supposed to drop your hands when you throw a kick? If you want to show us how awesome he is, get some clips of him fighting. This doesn't prove ****.
    Any-body can pick wholes in anything. Take a close look at his Ram Muay, and the basic techniques, This is Thai Boxing:
    Shin Blocks
    Kicking with Shins
    The shadow boxing was full of Thai Boxing techniques

    Ask Master Yodtong he's very well respected in Thailand. Ask him he will vouch for Master Sken.
    Who's your Master, or show us what you can do or your Instructor can do.
    Master Sken has close links with many top Thai Boxers.
    Rammon Dekker
    Master Yodtong
    Master Toddy
    Liam Harrison current Thai Boxing Champion

    I could go on but your just a wind up merchant, or you've know Idea what your looking at.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lu Tze
    They are.
    The're not in the 2nd video

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