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    Quote Originally Posted by 3moose1
    I'm getting an MRI on my knee friday. The orthopedic doctor thinks it might be torn cartilage or a ligament.

    Would swimming help this? Because i'm in constant pain due to my lovely knee, walk with a slight limp, and after jits i can barely walk.

    Just wait and see what the doc says. Your rehab will depend on your specific injury. I do know that, as somone noted earlier, water running is about as low impact as it gets. However, you wouln't want to begin until a potential tear is healing and inflamation goes down. Rush it and you'll never get back on the mats.

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    Well, my question had more to do with weakened legs due to overall disuse. I've already done a lot of physical therapy and will continue to do so.

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    Well, talk to your doctor of course, but having had two pretty bad knee dislocations/MCL tears, I'd do a shitload of stationary bike riding. Bodyweight squats were beneficial. My doctors had me do leg extensions, but with very light loads. I took to doing only one leg at a time to avoid overloading the weak leg. I also liked straight leg deadlifts with light loads for hamstring development and overall structural support around the knee.

    Your kneecap will probably be a little loose for quite some time. Mine tended to shift around for maybe a year after MCL injuries.

    Work on regaining your range of motion if you have lost any. Stationary bikes and stretches, obviously. But avoid super-vigorous stretching right before you are planning to practice. I had the most problems with slippage when I did this. My MCL would be all loose and stretchy, then the kneecap would slip. Stick to very light stretching/warmup/range-of-motion exercises before practice.

    It really sucks when your leg is going sideways and your kneecap is on the side of your leg. Be careful and listen to your body.

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