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    Quote Originally Posted by syberia
    Having never touched a Glock: surely there is more to turning off the safety then pulling the trigger? Because, isn't a saftey supposed to stop the movement of the trigger?

    Xanen's right on point. A weapon's safety is intended to PREVENT THE FIREARM FROM DISCHARGING. Glocks actually have three safeties, two internal, one on the trigger. REMEMBER, YOUR PRIMARY SAFETY IS YOUR TRIGGER FINGER.

    I prefer a weapon that's ready to go AT ALL TIMES. Proper training removes more risk than a safety ever will. Too many idiots out there that trust the equipment, I have more faith in a properly trained operator.

    Bear in mind, however, that there are external safeties similar to what you'd see on a 1911 available now for around $100 (less if self install, more if you send it in for installation).

    Quote Originally Posted by mrm1775
    If I remember correctly, you have to pull the trigger on a Glock in order to disassemble it, further supporting your theory. Glocks are good guns, but they do not suffer foolishness. Its a good way to weed out people who don't have the intellectual capacity to handle a firearm.
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    Glock has always been a Combat Weapon. I can't say that I have ever had to use any of the following features, but these are Glock's reasons for there safety system.

    The “Safe Action” system is a partly tensioned firing pin lock, which is moved further back by the trigger bar when the trigger is pulled.
    When the trigger is pulled, 3 safety features are automatically deactivated one after another. When doing so, the trigger bar is deflected downward by the connector and the firing pin is released under full load. When the trigger is released, all three safety features re-engage and the GLOCK pistol is automatically secured again.

    As the first of the three GLOCK “Safe Action” safety features, the trigger safety prevents inadvertent firing by lateral forces on the trigger. Releasing the trigger will automatically reactivate the safety.

    The GLOCK firing pin safety is a solid hardened steel pin which, in the secured state, blocks the firing pin channel, rendering the igniting of a chambered cartridge by the firing pin impossible. The firing pin safety is only pushed upward to release the firing pin for firing when the trigger is pulled and the safety is pushed up through the backward movement of the trigger bar. Releasing the trigger will automatically reactivate the firing pin safety.

    In the line of duty it may happen that a loaded pistol is dropped on the floor. Contrary to conventional pistols, the GLOCK drop safety prevents unintentional firing of a shot through hard impact. When the trigger is pulled, the trigger bar is guided in a precision safety ramp. The trigger bar is deflected from this ramp only in the moment the shot is triggered.

    Every use of a firearm exposes users to tremendous psychological strain. Learned patterns are easily forgotten in such borderline situations and complex operating elements become a deadly trap. GLOCK offers the best solution to this problem: “Safe Action“!
    One operating element - one rule. Finger away from the trigger, three pistol safeties are active. Pull the trigger, the safeties are deactivated and the pistol is fired. Consequently the user can fully concentrate on his tactical tasks in the decisive moment.

    In my 10 years of owning a Glock I have never had a single problem. Pull the trigger it goes bang. Practice Safe Gun Ownership.

    Train Hard, Stay Safe,
    Good Luck

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