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    To the un-happy ninja.

    Prosecution of libel on an internet message board is near impossible. Threats are meaningless. This is a message board for martial art students and teachers to express there opinions and experiences. I feel this is protected speech under the 1st Amendment. You have the burden to prove what was posted on this board actually harmed your business and to what degree. You are wasting your time. You have the choice not to log in. The internet is a big place. If you are offended by Bullshido go surf somewhere else!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Samuel Browning View Post
    So Alfredo,

    You were in a Spanish military police unit that did counter-terrorist work?

    Which one, and wasn't that duty simply guarding buildings with some riot control thrown in?

    Please enlighten us concerning this "counter terrorism" experience.
    If it was in Spain he likely means the Guardia Civil, they're not 'Military Police' in the sense of American MPs, but a militarised police force. They do conduct counter terrorism operations and they have been deployed as peacekeepers on UN missions.

    If he could specify his unit and where he was deployed that would clear things up somewhat?

    Alfredo, for future reference when people say 'Aliveness' on this board they mean this:
    YouTube - What is Aliveness - Matt Thornton

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    [quote=rw4th;2061469]So I worked some google-fu and found two references to the "Bujinkan Tengu Dojo",

    Thank you for checking us out on the net, the net is the first place one goes to try find information, whether that information is correct or not is another matter.

    • Tengu Dojo in Facebook, This page was created by one of my students who in fact happen to be a police officer, If anyone has a problem with that please talk to him or, I can ask him to contact you if you wish. There are thousands of groups in facebook. Ours is too. You seem to have a problem with that?

    • Thengu Dojo in My Space. Again this was created by yet another student, again thousands of goups and people in there, again you seem to have a problem with that

    • About the kiddie Black Belt,
    Rather than all this bull hear-say and ego tripping, why don’t we look at the facts

    So thank you for your opinion there.

    Within regards of the ratings:

    • Yes, I am absolutely proud of my students which are also my friends after years of training. I do not see anything wrong with being proud of your Dojo and your friends; they deserve my admiration and respect. Everyone can have his own opinion, some one has an opinion and that’s ok I have an opinion and thats NOT ok, hmmm anything wrong with this pic?

    • I don’t pretend to be “the best Dojo in the world” no by any means, I have never claimed such a naïve title (unless other have) I am therefore not bigheaded but I am proud of what we do. And you should be proud of what YOU do. Whether you are a Martial Artist, a mechanic, a house wife, a police man or a Doctor. You seem to have a problem with that too.

    • In addition, in what “sound” knowledge is the commentator scores and opinion been base on? How many years experience? What qualifications? What evidence what official organisation? And so on and so forth. Is he actually qualified to pass a review ? Don’t think so. Further more has this person actually trained with us? Don’t believe that eather

    • I did asked When did he train and who was the instructor
    • Up to the day I have not received an answer.
    • Another misleading detail indicates we train in various locations in Nantwich and Crewe, lets look at the the facts again


    Have we temporally used and hold seminars in other locations? , Absolutely, who hasn’t .

    He is allowed to his opinion

    • And so is anyone else and so I am. An opinion is an opinion, a misleading and misrepresenting comment is another thing and that is against the Law

    • A kid 12 years old can give an opinion. Not only about a Dojo but about any of you guys who are quick to judge without any sound evidence whatsoever. Now if you falsely accused someone it is also illegal.

    • Also someone can be Biased, jealous or the competition can give an opinion, would this be a “sound” opinion” perhaps, or perhaps it can actually be misleading and misrepresenting. Envy is a real bad thing.

    • As the only source of independent reviewing I trust is Which Magazine, anything else must be taken with a pinch of salt,
    • The best think is actually checking it out yourself, I believe anyone with a logical and neutral mind would agree with me on this. So if you have not come to see us YOU DO NOT HAVE the sound knowledge to make a comment.

    • After that whether you like what we do or not is up to you, just because I don’t like what another person practices it does not mean that what they practice is no good or is not for real. I myself have studied, practiced and attend seminars in many different martial arts systems in a search for what it works for me, not to please anyone, what it works for me. I get on with it and I don’t criticize anyone else.

    “I will grant you though that as far as Bujinkan schools go you guys are a cut above the rest”
    I do not required for you to “grant” me anything as I don’t believe you actually have the rank to do so, but thank you anyway.
    In addition I don’t think physical strength is “real” strength, in the sense that there will always be someone out there bigger, stronger, younger or better equipped than yourself. We practice exercises to maintain our health. The real strengths laid in ones character and morals. One must get rid of his own weaknesses before being able to achieve any real strength. That is really hard to do.
    “you still seem to instruct and train using the same faulty compliant approach as all other schools”
    What it was in that video are techniques from the Ten, Chi Jin Ryaku no maki, This book was written by My mentor Dr Masaaki Hatsumi who in fact is a world wide acclaimed Grandmaster ,
    In the opinion of many governments and their National Security organisations, Military Elite Corps and Police, Mr Hatsumi is one of the greatest Masters in the world. He has been Officially Commended many times, by governments around the world, that include te British, and U.S.A Governments, as well as the Green berets, Delta force, S.A.S and FBI. (to mention some)
    Are you actually questioning these man teachings myself or all the above governments and agencies?? That is amazing….
    To start, we ARE NOT like the other schools, I was already a qualified Martial Arts Instructor when I joined the Bujinkan in 1984, at that time there were people around such as Doron Navon and Bo Munte.
    Our training and philosophies are also based on my own live experiences, in the army training, CPO work and further martial arts, in order to understand and be ready for surviving. Unlike many others, we do not have blinkers on.
    “Oh, and please the drop the "I was a soldier so you have to respect me" bullshit”.
    Please do not put words in my mouth, If you have served as you say you have then you would agree that ANYONE who has put his live on the line to safeguard our countries, democracy and families DESERVES respect. That includes you if you have served so drop the ego. That is unless you have not been in real battle of course. That is NOT laughing matter.

    “Alfredo is discussed and even the ninjas on MAP find him a little nutty”
    Also, unnecessary insults particularly those directed at the Bujinkan union so please try and refrain from insulting people for no real reason. Or rather do not hide behind an email address and stand for what you imply here ( or you can remain anonymous, ripping and bitching people hiding like a coward)
    If you could understand the values and moral codes of Bushido then you would not comment this way. Of course you do not.
    The Bujinkan Union is there for those who actually understand respect and follow Hatsumis’ precepts and Rules of the BUjinkan, You seem to have a personal problem with that
    You follow what ever rules you wish, we don’t bother you or harm anyone, let us follow what we believe on and leave the F**k alone.
    As contrary to what you and some other “wannabes” do in here and that forum you mention is to train rather than talk and bitch about each other like old women.
    And yes the site and the work we are doing was approved by Hatsumi, if you don’t believe me ask Ben Jones, ( I don’t expect you to know him though) or even better ask Hatsumi. If you still not happy you can always come to see us and discuss whatever problem you have in person. Other ways shut it please.
    “There's also a link to this entertaining video there:”
    Wow thanks for the link, I wasn’t aware this was on the net, Yes I remember this WHEN THE DOJO WAS CASTING FOR A N ACTUAL FILM PROJECT.
    This was a College project, were we were asked to CAST for it, the theme “NINJAS” the Filming Crew got DISCTINTION for their work, we help them to complete THEIR Project,
    Any thing wrong with that? I can put you in contact with the Person in question, so again you are making a misleading representation. Like I said GET THE FACTS RIGHT FIRST!.

    “It also seems Alfredo is responsible for Bujinkan United (”
    Yes, and? , Its clear You seem to have a personal problem with us…….
    Why? other than your own ego I really don’t know, please enlighten me, in person if possible.
    One Creed, One Banner, One Supreme Master, Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi

    I, as many other sound Martial Artists and individuals in responsible positions, truly admire Mr Hatsumi, That is MY CHOICE, who do you think you are to patronise anyone?
    Please refrain and get on with your live.

    Here's their FAQ:, sounds like wants his own ninja cult.

    Definition of CULT
    1. Formal religious veneration
    2. A system of religious beliefs and ritual; also: its body of adherents;
    3. A religion regarded as unorthodox or spurious; also: its body of adherents;

    And we certainly do not pretend to be.

    It Appears You have gone to a lot of trouble to rip us off, hmmm Dodgy. You have even signed on the Bujinkan Union site to spy and discredit others, what kind of man dishes another to make his game look better !!, In anybody’s book a slimy worthless piexe of shite ! oh it looks by your actions that this apply to you , I rest my case

    Please unsubscribe yourself from the site as you are NOT a genuine BUJINKAN or even has any moral or human decency.

    If you don’t like what we practice, get on with your own thing… or I just might start ripping on you, and see how you like it. But ofcourse since we cannot gety to you cose you you are pretty safe behind the screen … hmmmm again why would you hide if what you are talking is nothing else but rubbish?

    “I also found references to shady business practices like trying to sell his notes online as official "Densho" to make a buck.”

    The only person who is “Shady” here is you and that I think is quite clear by now.
    The notes were my notes and if I want to share or sell them I bloody right out can do that if I wish, just like any other author, . If you want to start ripping people fop that you will have to bitch about everyone not only from the Bujinkan but from any other Martial System.

    It seems you want to put us on trial herer, when in fact some you (or some else) is actually making a misrepresentation of myself and our Dojo. What reason is there to discredit someone else you don’t even know or have met? -- Think about it.

    I hope this have clarify your views, if not I actually couldn’t care less. As I do not have the authority, experience, rank or knowledge to make the comments you have.

    What it has been establish here is that you have gone out of your way and use deception and spying to damage some one else’s reputation, of to what reason? that brings questions about yourself. As in fact there is nothing wrong with what we do and the way we do it. We are just a group training Martial arts, You obviously feel threaten by us, That is your problem not ours.

    Please refrain from further derogative commentary, insults and misleading comments as I will defend myself against you to the point to take you to court if necessary, in addition of counterclaiming expenses and damages.

    I trust this will solve the problem and further action from our part will not be required

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoffeeFan View Post
    It seems to me the OP and AlfredoCastan need to figure out what school is actually being reviewed here. Then the OP can change the title or notate the review if the name is incorrect or if it is a splinter group.
    Thank you CoffeeFan, You make perfect sense to me. So why is this not been done? Can the OP identify himself and contact to solve this problem please
    Last edited by AlfredoCastan; 2/19/2009 12:13pm at .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Myspace page
    Bujinkan Tengu Dojo's Blurbs
    About me:
    The Original Bujinkan Tengu Dojo. The Bujinkan Tengu Dojo (formerlly known as The Bujinkan Alfredo Castan Dojo) has been running for over 20 years. In 2000 one of Shihan Alfredo Castan’s students passed the Sakki test to become the 1000th student awarded the title of Shidoshi (teacher) by Hatsumi Sensei, he was crowned Tengu and persented with a Menkyo Keiden Medal. The student was no other than Alfredo’s own brother David Castan. Both were told to call their dojos tengu dojo and were the protectors of the Bujinkan. With this now a firm attitude within the dojo as well as self-protection and awareness we constantly strive to become stronger more skilful and closer as a team, a unit and as friends with every training session.

    "Ninpo Ikkan"
    27 years old
    Cheshire, East
    United Kingdom
    This says that there are 2 dojos ran with the same name, either could be the one the OP was talking about.

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    While the issue of making sure the Dojo is correctly identified is very relevant.

    The more you babble the less you help yourself AlfredoCastan,

    ---------- Post added at 11:28 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:27 AM ----------

    Also lol at using Bujikan rank or rank to justify anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by honesty View Post

    This says that there are 2 dojos ran with the same name, either could be the one the OP was talking about.
    But, you'd think Alfredo would know about his brother running a place with the same name, wouldn't you?
    And you'd imagine that he could easily clear up this misunderstanding by revealing that information without having to rattle his sword (or pen, I forget which) about lawyers...
    Where there is only a choice between cowardice and violence, I would advise violence.


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    some more google hits:

    Quote Originally Posted by pdf

    Absolutely No politics
    No Littering
    No committing acts of dishonour.
    Root website is which looks to be Alfs, but you need a login...

    I also like this:

    Quote Originally Posted by silly website
    You may know Alfredo's work: Martial Artist & Author:

    "Secret thoughts of Dr Hatsumi",

    National Bushido Association Founder

    Bujinkan Union Founder,

    Former Close Protection Officer for the Saudi Royal Family, including Crown Prince Sultan bin Abd al-Aziz.
    David Castan, the brother, is either a gay french actor (ah google, you play such cruel jokes) or this guy: - Now is it me, or does the picture of Hatty in the bottom right look so badly photoshopped its laughable?

    ---------- Post added at 03:27 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:18 PM ----------

    As for:
    Police Instructor SIS specialy developed for the Spanish Police

    I submit this:

    Reading between the lines, he's never trained the spanish police, he's just done this course. We thats how I'm interpreting it! ;)

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    The notes were my notes and if I want to share or sell them I bloody right out can do that if I wish, just like any other author, . If you want to start ripping people fop that you will have to bitch about everyone not only from the Bujinkan but from any other Martial System.
    Write a book, sell your notes, whatever it's all fine. Tell people what you are selling them is official Densho and it's fraud.

    This book was written by My mentor Dr Masaaki Hatsumi who in fact is a world wide acclaimed Grandmaster ,
    In the opinion of many governments and their National Security organisations, Military Elite Corps and Police, Mr Hatsumi is one of the greatest Masters in the world. He has been Officially Commended many times, by governments around the world, that include te British, and U.S.A Governments, as well as the Green berets, Delta force, S.A.S and FBI. (to mention some)
    Prove it.

    A letter of appreciation for running a seminar is not "acclaim", it's standard practice and a metric ton of instructors on the face of the planet have them. People might of been enamored by him and the idea of ninjas in the 80's but if anything these days the Bujinkan and Hatsumi are ridiculed.

    You have been asked some serious questions about your credentials and you keep dancing around the issue and posting more hollow rhetoric.

    Last edited by rw4th; 2/19/2009 10:54am at .
    <insert witty comment>

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    [quote=GoldenJonas;2061391]Japanese for "fight" and "free roll", i.e., sparring.

    “No, no they do not. They use their police and military training. They do not use the training demonstrated in your YouTube vids.”

    That clip is from the “mossos de scuadra” in other words the Catalonian Spanish Police. Spanish clips are tagget in SPANISH ?.

    “You, on the other hand, have made lofty claims with absolutely nothing to back them...”
    Realy? To start I have not engaged you, you have engaged us, I do not dispute your training or abilities if any, so please do not question mine.
    If you are implying you are a police officer or even a police instructor, please advice of your lapel number, name, and police force and how to contact you so I can ask colleges from the force to get in touch with you and clarify your queries.

    “ and that insults the men and women who actually put their lives o the line day in and day out.”
    I insult you? I have also put my live on the line, and I admire anyone who does. So how can I have possibly insulted you? By the contrary

    “Scan and post your rank credentials for verification”
    Are you serious? So that my credentials can be forfeit in the internet, I don’t think so. Like I say I can get someone official to contact you and verify any queries. Alternatively you are welcome to visit us and you can check it yourselves. Once this is done I would like an apology from you, Thank you.

    “So, you are 44 years old, meaning you were born in 1964; this fact will surface again later.”
    No Sir I’m 46, born 1962, where did you get 44 from? Are you even disputing my D.O.B? How amazing….

    “Here is where the birth-date comes back in. You were a "Champion" of what at 16 years old?”
    No Sir 18 actually, Spanish Federation of Karate, Thank you very much, you can also see my trophy if you wish. There are champions every year and in many disciplines and styles, is that a problem? I think not. Really what’s your problem?

    “A "Police Self Defense Instructor"? Very good. What State? What Town/City? or What County? What Department? Who can one of the Staff members here call to verify your employment in this capacity?”
    S.I.S Sistema Integral de Seguridad, Approved by the CSD (Consejo Superior de Deportes y Disciplinas asociadas en la modalidad de Defensa Personal Policial , You can contact Mr Cesar Pelegrin on [email protected] and ask him yourself or visit
    Once this is done I also requires an apology from you thank you.

    “The military guys here can chime in regarding confirmation of your "Army Counterterrorism Military Police" claim and what is needed to verify this apparent load of crap...if you prove me wrong I will be the first to apologize.
    I still have my military “caritlla” or booklet or records, I Served under “Regimiento de Infanteria de la Reina N 2) In Cordoba Spain. And my Tactic Capacity was R.P Policia Militar, Now if you know anything about it, It is the Job of the Military Police to Safeguard commanders, at the time I was in service there was plenty attempts by the Spanish Terrorist organisation E.T.A and therefore we where trained to the best of their ability to counter theses terrorist threats, which I carried out successfully. ANY FUCKING MORE QUESTIONS SOLDIER??????
    “If you are located within reasonable driving distance of Central Florida I would be happy to come and train with you.”
    How convenient, obviously you can’t because I’m in the UK, unless you are prepared to travel here. Visitors are always welcome.
    “Internet threats are ridiculous and I have put my money where my mouth is on these things on a few investigations on this site”.
    I admire that, please do put your money where your mouth is and investigate; you will find I happen to be genuine

    “Training is training and if you train the way you say then great; so do I and I love to experience new methods and work out with new guys because I like to learn.”
    That’s a good attitude to have, no problem with that.
    “I'm not going to go in to your lack of understanding as to the viability of a cause of action for "defamation". I will let your attorney correct you in this regard.”
    I’m not lawyer, but I do know that misleading and/or misrepresentation, or/and defamation have taken place in this site, what ever one wants to call it, all of the above is illegal and therefore the person responsible can be persecuted and be done for it. That is the LAW.

    “You are the one who has made the claims so you are the one who has the ability to quickly provide proof and quash any doubts.”
    I have procure enough evidence facilities and contacts for you to check it out, however I do this for the good of other readers who may have doubt due to your comments, as I do not require your approval for anything, I have my training , my documents and referrals to prove it, and that is all that matters. Whether you wish to check it and find what I’m saying is true is up to you.

    “Oh yeah and.....I'm Male/35 years Old/and live in Orlando, Florida.”
    Good for you, Great place to live, we should’t have give it away.
    I trust this will be sufficient to clarify your queries. Thank you for your interest
    Alfredo Castan. 11th Dan Shihan

    ---------- Post added at 05:17 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:01 PM ----------

    Quote Originally Posted by Goju - Joe View Post
    While the issue of making sure the Dojo is correctly identified is very relevant.

    The more you babble the less you help yourself AlfredoCastan,

    ---------- Post added at 11:28 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:27 AM ----------

    Also lol at using Bujikan rank or rank to justify anything.
    Thank you for your commet, Im simply defending myself and the honour of our Dojo. As anyone would do.

    It seems the OP is not interested in solving this problem, other ways please contact me in order to do so. Thank you

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    Thank you for the information Mr. Castan.

    Understand, this is the "internet" and this site is accessed by thousand's of people on a daily basis. Throughout the history of this site, hundred's of anonymous posters have touted credentials ranging from "hey I'm a 6th Dan in Judo" to "hey I was the head combatives instructor for SEAL Team 6 and was a NSA Counter-operative who infiltrated Castro's inner circle immediately after the Bay of Pigs".

    Since this site provides advice, instruction, information, and opinions as to all aspect of the Martial Arts we need to make sure that a posters claimed credentials are legit so that their opinion and experience is given proper credit and recognition.

    So, understand, that when someone posts they worked in a "military "counterterrorism unit", instructs police, holds various black belts at various Dan levels, is and has instructed "world champions", such credentials need to be verified or else your just some delusioned poster, a.k.a., a liar. I AM NOT SAYING that you are a "liar"; I am saying that people who state credentials that do not exist are liars.

    So again, thanks for the information.


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