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    Quote Originally Posted by mikedolandlord View Post
    Originally Posted by mikedolandlord
    ITISFAKE, Irony come now. tut tut.

    You protest too much. :-)

    Sorry Omega, and IIF that was my weak attempt at humour with you IIF.
    JUst trying to lighten the mood.

    Last post I hope
    You are a reasonable fellow don't leave. You can actually help debunk the BS surrounding your school without sounding like a douche. I give you props for discussing this rationally.

    If you had of came on this thread early, it would probably be 10 posts long.

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    Soory out of sinc a bit see post #259. and thank you IIF.

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    Katori Shinto Ryu

    Leave off the insults

    Yes I know who Alfredo Castan is, And he is a registered and well respected Bujinkan Instructor.

    I know nothing of his claims and wish to neither belive nor dis-belive what he says or teaches, That is for his students and individuals who know him well to decide, I have trained with many good and bad instructors, some honest and others very dishonest, my self like everybody else had to make an educated decision whether to accept what i was told, question the information, to stay or leave company. belive me, that is the hardest part.
    Life is a journey and many times we have to take a tumble or stray on to a rough and weary path, to test what is known or to realise how incorrect things are or how better they could be.
    I now still study Shotokan Karate with
    Aikido,And Enshin Ryu & Katori Shinto Ryu Iaido.
    Iam completly fullfilled with my studies and Iam commited.
    I may have some conflict with Mr Castan he has rubbed my back up the very wrong way but I still uphold a certain amount of respect and Honour for Mr Castan.

    Alfredo is infact registered and accreditered,Quite respected within the circle of Martial Arts.
    I have investigated these allgations with contacts I have,Just as on my journey investigating,I have found many sites which personally attack the man.
    The one thing I can say of Mr Castan....He is commited to The Bujinkan Dojo.
    My only wish is he would contact me and maintain a diplomatic stance on our conflict so we can both move forward.
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    Johnny Cache...I have tried contacting you:
    I have in my possesion the web info on his dojo he so stated to you he has no memory of:
    Unfortanately Mr Castan I have very good memory:
    Bujinkan Tengu Dojo

    Victoria Community Centre West St, Crewe, Cheshire CW1 2PZ
    p: 07971748361
    Website - None Supplied
    Email - None Supplied | Travel directions .....

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    Personal Bodygaurd to the Spanish Imperial Gaurds

    Mr Castan:
    I was once a student of Mr Castan.
    I was once Dojo Secratary.
    I know Mr Castan in a most proffessional circumstances and I know Mr Castan as a freind and Sensei.
    I have with my very own eyes seen his passport and id card which is no other than is id badge for that of the Spanish Imperial Gaurds,stating Personal Bodygaurd for the decorated officer of the Royal Gaurds of Spain.
    I hope now coming from an ex pupil of Castan during the year 1993-1996.
    This information is enough to satisfy your hunger for the truth.
    Weather or not Castan commits himself to Ninjutsu and you dont respect that Art form or as to weather Mr Castan is commited to Iaido,etc.
    Alfredo Castan Sensei,is preserving A Japanese Heritage,he is adhering to The Japanese wishes to preserve that history and passing it down to generations.
    Respect his work.
    Yes it is easy to become bitter,jelouse,It is the hardest to accept at times you may just be wrong.
    Is truth not so much so important in Budo.
    In the famouse words of Miyamoto Musashi:
    'People tend to steer away from the truth they do not like the truth,never settle for anything less than the truth.
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