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    Quote Originally Posted by GIJoe6186
    Also, there aint nothing wrong with nuking meat. I think people just like to hate on microwaves. Burgers taste great nuked (throw them in frozen). Chicken taste like **** no mater what (when its not covered in some tasty sauce that is) so oh well.
    You actually microwave straight ground beef or are you talking about microwaveable burgers?
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    Buy a steamer- a cheap-as-**** plastic one that you microwave. Buy rice, any kind, but the less processed the better, really. Meat (as in flesh of an animal, seafood counts), veg, rice, and you'll have a fairly square meal. If you live in a hotel, appropriate what you can- are you sure there's no pots or pans? It might be worth investing in a cheap-and-nasty electric frypan or something just so you can satisfactorily cook red meat.

    And get yourself to a doctor. Now. If you puked and passed out, that means you are ill. Ill is bad. Doctor cures ill. Go doctor now. NOW.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrGalt
    You actually microwave straight ground beef or are you talking about microwaveable burgers?
    I've done that. They are edibles but not of my linking (I guess the taste is a matter of personal preferences) - they serve their purpose for getting food ready, though.
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    Food is meant to be eaten, not tasted!

    Seriously though, I have used frozen burgers, thrown straight in the microwave and think they taste great, keep a paper plate or napkin or something to cover it to keep the moisture in.

    I haven't put straight chop meat in but I would. I actually like frozen microwaved burgers.

    I think the steamer idea is good. I used to boil meats too. If you boil or steam the meat or microwave it, heres a god tip. Cut (or pull) the meat into tiny pieces. It will cook more evenly and quicker.

    Good ideas for a healthy meal in the microwave (steamer) with tons of variety is to pick one of each from the following :

    1) Pick a meat - Beef/Chicken/Fish
    2) Pick a starch - Rice/Potato/Pasta/Beans
    3) Pick a veggie - Anything

    Canned veggies like a I recommended earlier are great, got no salt though. Canned kidney beans are cheap too.

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