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Thread: Attention: LEOs

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    Good advice. Will definitely look into it, once I decide whether a career in the police force is appropriate or not.


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    Quote Originally Posted by milwaukee cop

    you want a department that has a union
    * your management will most likely not back you up...

    the job is thankless, you have to be self motivated and have a high threshhold for bullshit
    * your old friends and neighbors will shun you, people won't talk to you after they find out what you do for a living...

    people lie to you every day
    * and you prretty much learn to take it in stride...

    you see the most negative, childish, boorish, and petty behavior from people
    * and eventually become imune to it and expect it in most cases...

    you live in a glass bubble, are held to a higher standard
    * even in your private life when it has no bearing or nexus to the job...

    you are hated by those you have sworn to protect
    * until they need you and then you don't get there soon enough or do enough...

    your family worries every time they hear on the news that a cop got hurt
    * which happens all too often...

    you could get hurt, you could die
    * that's possible...

    A cop is still a cop even when his shift ends. you swear an oath to uphold the law, and are obligated to do the right thing (that is, if your word means anything).
    I agree 100% with everything Milwaukee Cop said but still love my job.

    I've been a union advocate and the vice president of my local for many years. That's probably the main reason why I've never been promoted to a management position where the big bucks are. I make a bit more than Milwaukee Cop but I'm not a patrol officer like he is. The job is dangerous any way you look at it. I was shot once by a little 17 year old punk just for warning him not to set off fireworks around an apartment complex. I've been in several major accidents while patroling and ended up with lumbar spine fusions and a metal plate in my neck as the result of one accident.

    His last line in the quote says it all, if it's the right job for you.. you'll know. If not, you're still young enough to find something else more to your liking.

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