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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck_KIlls703
    Jens pulver was the formost 155 in the ufc, a dominating organization with power and influence over most in MMA. But yet the incredible fighters UFC brought to him he destroyed, with the exception of his last bout. He took on the challenge of mantaining 155 pounds at a 145 frame, thats HEART and SKILL. He Went 5 full rounds with a 20-1 KID who has been at this weightclass for all his career, so dont give me that Faber is the best, they looked near even especially for going 5 ROUNDS. Pulver trained like a bat outta hell and proved he still has it, only one fight in at 145 and hes standing toe 2 toe for 25 MINS. Ya Praise Faber but remember some out there think pulver still has more skill.
    This post makes me sad.

    I'm a huge Pulver fan, but sorry, he got manhandled in every single round. Don't give me that 'he's older' **** - he took the fight regardless of that and took Urijah five rounds - yes, that's impressive, but no excuses - he lost. It wasn't a thirty-second fluke knock-out or one-round submission and certainly wasn't a thrown fight, Urijah got rocked a few times and came right back, absolutely dominating every round, in every area (particularly timing).

    So, to respond aptly: No. Just no.
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    Yeah, I'm with you dude.

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