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I trained in Kempo Bushido Ryu under Corrie Lindgreen (Sensei), Martin Lindgreen, Derrick Manchester, Bob & Sarah Barnes & Brian Faulkner. All of whom can be found on The Robert Gemmell Black Belt Family Tree.
Whilst I only attained 2nd green in this school I found their teachings to be invaluable in my later life with a doctrine that emphasised self discipline & control. As a result self defence became second nature, much to my surprise in the very few situations where I have been forced to defend myself.
I have learned from my own family that often is the dynamic where one sibling is inward & reserved and the other outgoing & gregarious.
As a 12 year old boy I believe I observed these traits in Corrie & Martin Lindgreen. I will leave it up to you to discern who is who.
I have heard of Martin being referred to in NZ as the "Martial Arts Mouth" and even called "full of ****" on these forums.
Having come face to face with all of the aforementioned ma's I would never ever presume to dispute their knowledge of the arts and I believe their grounding is solid and they have a lot to offer any willing student.
Nearly thirty years on Martin is still teaching and sharing his knowledge, credentials or not.
It is up to us as students to take what we need from these teachings without judgement and follow our own truths so we can realise our own potential.
That's my 2 cents worth ayways :)
So, you really have nothing to add just, "they are great people" and "it is the student not the teacher." Also, that you, as a twelve years old CHILD, understood the traits you are describing to us now.
Thanks though, your thinking is exactly why fradulent teachers exist.

Oh let's not forget you also had to complain about the nature of the forum.