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    It's good to be mobile, and for a bigger guy like me, it's something I constantly have to work on. But with that being said, there is no excuse not to have solid control holds just because you are lighter. Sure, it'll be a little tougher trying to hold down the mammoths, but it can be done. Control their heads. Control their hips. Put your weight in the right places. North/South with weight on a guy's head will make it very tough for him to escape, regardless of his size.

    Besides talking to your coach, I'd suggest that you find a big boy to roll with and just work positional drills. Ask if you can just work on your hold downs, and he can work on his escapes. Go to mount. Try to hold it. Experiment. Get coaching. If you get reversed, re-set with you taking mount again. Go to straight side control, try to hold it. Experiment. Get coaching. Don't even worry about subs. Work position only until you get very comfortable with each. Talk to your partner. Ask him which things you did made it tougher for him, etc.

    From the bottom, grips, unbalancing, and mobile hips are absolutely vital. Lying flat on your back in closed guard won't do a damn thing for you other than ensure you won't escape. You should be using mobility, angling, grips and hip control to put your opponent where you want him. Set him up for sweeps or subs, whatever you like. In the interest of trying to work your top game, I might focus on sweeps more often than not which will allow you to play from the top more and work your hold downs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jnp
    That's good because I'm helping out a small group of people with their grappling tonight. One of them goes by the username Antifa on these boards.

    Small world, huh?

    A great thing you're doing for/with this group. Plus one for the good guys.

    Antifa is an incredible friend. Just be sure to swat him with a stick if he goes flat while playing guard... and watch out for his "accidental" palm-strikes ;)
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    You know, I came to a very similar style a while ago. I found for me, in order to maintain top position, I had to keep on the move. Switching from side to side on side control, going north south, etc. kept my opponents from being able to drag me back into guard or otherwise escape.
    I like to think of it like moving a mattress up a flight of stairs. The box spring is easy to move, because it's rigid and stays in roughly the same place. The mattress keeps moving and flopping all over the place, making it much harder to control.
    Be like a mattress, daniel-san.
    You may find it a ridiculous analogy, but if kung fu guys get to compare themselves to animals, then I get to compare myself to furniture.

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    I am more on the control side of things, strong fundamentals, people say I have a good base. I am lately migrating towards working on the mobility side of things, transitioning to expose different subs, working between positions and trying for the form and fundamentals my coaches have. My top game is better than guard game, so am working on the 'dancing on shoulders' sub combos and Bravo rubber guard. Half guard and butterfly is good. I think it's just a long journey and you need to expand your strengths and work on weaknesses to round out your game.

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    hmm... well it seems that everyone is leaning towards dominant and controlling. Maybe I explained it wrong, not that you guys arent correct, but I feel like I presented it as if I was relying on my speed. This isnt really the case. I'm not necessarily moving fast, I am just kinda floating on top of them instead of trying to resist their movements. Make no mistake, I am practicing on control of the larger guys, I just think that some people are more suited to what I am doing. I think I am trying to describe what I see in Marcelo Garcia, who is constantly moving and while, yes, he does have control of his opponent, it just seems like he lets them move until he can take their back instead of getting mount. But maybe Im missing something, eh. Anyway, thanks for the advice so far.

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