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    Quote Originally Posted by a43
    In Shinkyokushin (previously IKO2), at least in Sweden, a minimum of 3 months must pass between 10th to 4th kyu gradings. 4th to 1st kyu requires 6 months between gradings. 1st kyu to 1st dan requires 12 months, leaving us with a total of 4 years minimum.

    There may be some variations between dojos but I think dojos may only have harder requirements, these are the bare minimums. Shihan Collins lets the students in his dojo (Göteborgs Karate Kai) grade twice a year, for example.

    Shihan Collins also emphasizes that "The Grading is a privilege giving (sic) by the instructor it is not something the student is entitled to" and "Many dojos have a guide as to how many lessons you should have trained before attempting to grade. Because you trained a number of times does not give you the right to grade it is always the instructor who has the last word."

    Collins was awarded his 7th dan and appointed Branch Chief by Sosai Oyama, and is on the WKO board of technical directors, so I believe it's safe to say that his views are fairly representative of the organization as a whole.

    Some additional info on Shinkyokushin dan grades:

    For dan grades, usually 2 or more years must have passed, depending on grade. The title Sensei requires 3rd dan, Shihan requires 5th dan. A Branch Chief has national rights to issue grades up to a maximum of 3rd dan, depending on the Branch Chief's own grade. 4th dan requires regional grading, which I believe means it has to be overseen by Branch Chiefs from various branches of the region, region meaning for example Europe (region 4). 5th dan and above requires international grading, meaning it has to be overseen by WKO representatives. Branch Chiefs are appointed by the WKO and are subject to requirements such as running a 300+ student dojo, being internationally known and having regional recognition. A country can have more than one Branch Chief. For dan gradings, temporary injury is completely disregarded and is not taken into consideration.

    All in all, I believe this system makes sure that Shinkyokushin belts, especially dan grades, are still very meaningful and an accurate measurement of the skills and capabilities of a practicioner/instructor. It also means that the legitimacy of a black belt could easily be verified. Other Kyokushin organizations probably have similar rules as the system with Branch Chiefs etc predates the death of Masutatsu Oyama and the following split.

    Man, this turned out longer than expected. I hope someone found it interesting at least.
    If you felt like it you could add that information to the .org article here in some constructive manner.

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    I might, but it'll probably be quicker if someone else did it. If anyone does, feel free to edit and restructure my text as you see fit to make it suitable for an article. I could also provide sources for everything, although 90% of it would be in Swedish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by patfromlogan

    I sympathize with you because I'm a Hawaiian Kempo/Kajukenbo devotee (and while still a student of my KK sensei, IKO1 can **** themselves) and that Kempo **** is real. However, Kyokushinkaikan is always the real **** in my experience and some Kempo is real and some sucks... There you go.

    That's true, but technically Kyokushin is a STYLE of karate, so "Emperado Kajukenbo BB" would qualify.
    For the same reasons =>
    Kyokushin = fullcontact training in every dojo worldwide -> the standard
    Emperado = fullcontact training in every dojo worldwide -> the standard

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