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    Rolled with a sambo guy? I'm asking you since my brother and you seemed to get along, and he said you know a lot about MMA. I'm trying to create my own style of submission wrestling. I have a friend who is a BB in sambo who agreed to teach me all the leglocks so I can complete my style which is a hybrid of Freestyle Wrestling,GJJ, and Sambo. The reason I asked is I think you're a higher BJJ Belt than me, and I was wondering if you could handle them well? I kow GJJ's leglocks are crap compared to Sambo's but do you think that it would work well with my plans?

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    Yeah I do. I only ever rolled with one Sambo guy but he was really good. He had good sweeps, throws, balance, submissions, everything. I have some Sambo Leglock videos and some of the stuff they show is fluff. I would never expect it to work on a resisting person. But they also show alot of tricks with the very basic leglocks that you wouldn't know otherwise.

    In Sambo competiton choking is illegal. You can only score points 2x in a match and a throw ends the contest. Because thE Sambo guys practice by these rules they have much better throws than the BJJ guys but seem to be a little weaker in a total ground fight like in ADCC.

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    You know I'd like to clarify something here. Why does everybody think that SAMBO has the best leg locks? I'm a fucking 5th degree(like that means anything)black belt in sambo and I'm the first to tell everybody that its not about the leg locks. The only reason why people think that is because, Judo, Jujitsu, and Brazillian JJ don't emphasize them that much. I do leg lock seminars, I looove my leg locks, but I got them from Shootfighting not SAMBO. I've met these top sambo players, they know more than the average grappler but they're not all that.

    BTW Peedee not only does sport sambo not do chokes, they don't allow shoulder cranks, stand up submissions, or any twisting of the joints....this is why I don't do sport anymore, it sucks.

    PS. The throw is considered total victory. Usually standing fireman, or full shoulder throw and you remain standing. Similiar to Judo's Ippon Seoi Nage.

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