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    Grappling Training Locator Website

    The people at Train Jiu Jitsu are putting together a Web2.0 style map that displays locations throughout the country (and the rest of the world) so people can easily find training locations in their area. I know we have our own 'Grappling Locations Megathread', but I like the visual style of this website, plus it has a directory that makes it easy to find training locations in your city. I'm basically posting this here so people can post and rate their own gym. I would like to see this thing grow because I think it could be a very useful tool.
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    yeah, this is a cool idea.

    My gym was already there, but i added a review for it.

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    TrainJiuJitsu.com looks pretty good (although currently limited to the US, as far as I can tell). There are two other similar sites worth checking out: bjjMap.com (mainly US, but also Europe, South America etc), and Gym Database (BJJ, MMA etc).

    Also a bunch of Google Maps:

    Pittsburgh (by frodo, I think)
    San Diego (by Caleb, from the Fightworks Podcast).
    Florida (by some guy listed as 'Gary')

    Then there's this big one simply called 'Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gyms' by somebody posting as 'Misho', which as far as I can tell is a whole load of places around the US rather than a specific state.

    Finally, this is the one I've been building for the UK. Details of clubs below the map, with link to larger map at the top.


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