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    Quote Originally Posted by metodi
    Well ok I am asking out of curiosity.
    Too bad then. If it was because you were looking for ways to train, we could have helped you. But if it is for pure curiosity without any applications, then stop. We are not here to amuse your curiosity. This is not a playground.

    Quote Originally Posted by metodi
    And I am not saying that the proteins make your titties grow but I am rather saying that the skin that was covering your titties for a few years might stay stretched
    Are you claiming that the comsuption of protein supplements produced the sagging chests of 60-year old Arnold?

    More to the point, this you said:

    Quote Originally Posted by metodi
    yep rw4th has a point there... and no synthetic proteins do not make you old but rather make u put on a bra when you are old look at this it's lovely ---->

    Are you actually telling me that your PROOF of this claim is this picture of a 60-year old former bodybuilder? Of a 60-year old man?

    Maybe you are not aware of this, but here, you are under the obligation to support your posts and opinions with fact.

    You said that synthetic proteins do not make you old but rather make u put on a bra when you are old (your own words). You have until 3:43AM Helsinki time to prove this is a factual statement or retract it.

    I have an answer for you why Arnold looks like that today, and no, I'm not going to tell you this. Do your homework and research accordingly before talking erroneous crap as fact.

    3:43AM Helsinki time.
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    to satisfy curiosity: my friends and i do the WOD from crossfit along with weight training

    Now please get off the interwebs

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    As a 15 year old, my weightlifting regiment currently consists of powerlifts (deadlifts, squats, bench press, military press) along with auxiliary lifts (curls, press downs, calf raises, prone lat raises). It's pretty much exactly like an adult regiment.

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    Technically the press would be an old olympic lift rather than a powerlift, but otherwise that's the right thing to be focusing on for most young lifters. Stuart McRobert's "Brawn" touches on this really well.
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    well this thread seems to have run aground the only thing i'd like to add is that:

    When training kids, keep in mind that they often cannot tell what is too much for their joints or what is really hurting them.

    I speak from experience. i started MA's when i was 8-9 years old and i didnt have much guidance. I overtrained a LOT (2-3 hours a day 6 days a week for 4-5 years) and now i have arthritis in my knee and shoulder. I also had Osgood-Schlatters in my knees, which came from overuse as I grew. All of my problems manifested when i was 13-14 and i grew from 5"3 - 6"0 over a 5 month period.

    Prior to my growth spurt i thought everything was hunky dory. I guess a lot of it has to do with soft growth plates that are at the ends of every bone in your body as a kid. they get a lot of abuse and without rest, you end up as a 22 year old with arthritic joints.

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