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    BKS Mixed Martial Arts

    This dojo is run by a retired military/retired law enforcement instructor and is geared towards the average Joe trying to learn martial arts/self-defense and either get into better condition or maintain conditioning. This is not a full blown, knock down, drag out cage fighter training center. The youngest student attaending is 12 and the oldest is 57. All grades work together for instruction, but sparring is based on ability. 50% of instruction is in Shaolin Do (Yes, I have read all of the threads), 30% is Judo/Jujitsu and 20% is Army Combatives/Law Enforcement defensive Tactics. Classes are taught two nights a week and this is fine for most, but not enough for competitors. The Louisville, KY area has several full contact MMA gyms that cater to the competitors. BKS caters to the average person wanting to train without the higher risk of injury from regular classes. Classes are small and that is why the instructor/student ratio is as high as it is. There are a total of four clubs in this group and membership in one is membership in all. one club practices outdoors year-round.
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