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    Sacramento, CA: Trying to verify Thai boxing teacher Andy Khensamphaph's fight record

    My first mixed martial arts facility was a small gym in Sacramento called Muay Thai Thai Boxing with Andy Khensamphaph as the head trainer; an excellent striker regardless of his record (trained Urijah Faber, Poppies Martinez, James Irvin, etc), but I'm curious as to what can be verified. Is there anywhere that keeps records of Pro Muay Thai fights?

    Andy and co. claim a 97-0 record, 3 time Lumpini Champion...etc. I can only find 1 fight online and I've seen tape of it, it was a smaller tournament held in Hawaii called SuperBrawl 8 where he beat several opponents in one night; on Sherdog it's listed as one match against a Gary Freitas as a DQ due to closed-fist striking to the face of a grounded opponent.

    Recently I've heard that his record was more along the lines of thirty-something and two, from a somewhat reliable source. I'm merely curious, does anyone know how I can verify this? I've asked before, mentioning that I couldn't find his record online and was simply told that they don't always record things like this in Thailand. I also understand that Thai fighters often change their names when coming to compete in America, but, again, I'm just curious and wonder if anyone can help me.

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    Unfortunately there is no such database of Thai fights.

    The main reason is that most MT fighters dont really care what their record is, they fight because they like to fight.

    Your instructor may not even remember his exact record, because to him it is not important.

    You know that he has fought, you know that he is a good instructor. So his record doesnt really matter.

    Edited to add: Also Thai fighters often fight using the name of their Gym for the fight card, so that adds even more mist to the research.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yojimbo1717
    ... Andy and co. claim a 97-0 record, 3 time Lumpini Champion...etc. ...
    'and co.' ??

    Is this is a combined record of the coaches at the school?
    Calm down, it's only ones and zeros.

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    It might be easier to verify a lumpinee record but if the majority of his fights are in thailand you will have little luck. Thais fight often and I don't think they care to much about records.If somebody is not currently a title holder then it will be probably hard to find them

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    No, just him. I mean the other coaches at the school claim his record is 97-0.

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    "Andy Khensamphaph"

    I'll ask Bobby Robare tonight if he has ever heard of the guy. If he has then that will be a good thing, if he hasn't then it really says nothing about the guy as there are a ton of MT fighters out there; but Bobby has been around a while and is pretty well connected on the MT front so he may have heard of him.

    Here is a bit of Bobby's background as an FYI, he is currently the head MT coach for ATT-Orlando and is directly affiliated with Mejiro Gym, Holland:

    Bobby Robare of Diamond Dutch Muay Thai
    42 Yrs. Of Martial Arts Training & 23 Yrs. Of Muay Thai
    1980 1991: Student of famous Chakuriki Dojo Amsterdam
    1989: Earned Muay Thai Instructor Diploma by Mr. Pud Pad
    Noy Worawoot, the Greatest Muay Thai Fighter of all time
    EDIT: Is this your gym?

    Also, one search listed his full name as Ajarn Andy Khensamphaph. Hmmm, he seems to be all over google as a coach and has a listing on the IKF Rankings as a fighter and a coach. 97 fights? who knows; but first blush he looks to be a known MT coach. No red flags really going up here except the 97-0 thing which will probably be next to impossible to verify.
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    Hey, if you would really like to know about andy, he's nuthing but a fake champ and fought pro once, in the cage his favorite sport. i use to train with him. in a class room he's not a good instructor in a class room. and if you still think hes a champ. look at his ikf record. if he cant beat up people that fight in america. you think his record is 97-0 in thailand with 3 belts. andy told people that was his record so people beleaved him thats why. and who are you to i remember training with you when you first started, andy told you to punch 1,2 and you jumped up and punched with both hands like a kangaroo. u retard.

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    Thanks for necroing a thread that's been inactive for almost a year. I don't know who you are and highly doubt you know who I am.

    *Thumbs up* Thanks.


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    Hey Yojimbo, I've moved to Sacramento and I'm looking for recommendations for a place to practice Muay Thai at a casual pace. I found this thread while searching and thought I'd ask if you're doing any training in Sac still or if you have any suggestions.

    I'm still reading threads but it's tough sifting through all the responses.


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