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    Run-time competition for BS

    Well, it seems to be triathalon season for my family. It used to be just my brother. But now my nephews and even my old, gray haired mother* are training to do a team or individual triathalon.

    So, it didn't take much jeering to get me into it. At least I need to be able to hang with my nephews so they can keep respecting their uncles. I'm clumsy on a bike and much worse in the water, so I'm going for the run part first and working my way up.

    I thought it would be fun to make it friendly competition. We all collect our run times over the next week for the one, three, and five mile and then go for most improved. Since it's friendly and it's a "most improved" type competition, I figure any kind of terrain counts as long as you keep it consistant and measured.

    *The lady is 54 and started her first type of athletic training three months ago to get in shape for the bike part of the triatholon. She currently puts my work ethic to shame.

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    I did a four miler yesterday in a couple seconds over 26 minutes, time included for stopping to yell at a dog for chasing me. I guess if I divide my time by miles, I did a 3 miler in 19:30, which is pretty bad for me. Normally I try to run a three miler, assuming it's my sole workout for the morning, in about 18:30, and my goal is 18 minutes or under, just for bragging rights against the Marines. Can't have them getting all uppity.
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