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    Quote Originally Posted by E-Van
    Nick Diaz should not be mentioned in this thread. His jab is on a whole nother level. He should patent that thing. Its like a jab/swat/grasping thing that I have been trying to emulate for years.

    Can anyone who is familiar with what Im talkiong about think of any other fighters who employ this same method?
    Chuck Lidell.

    I use my jab as all of the above. It's a very versatile tool.

    I use it to gauge distance. I step to the side with it to create angles. I step forward to close distance. I set my feet and hit hard with it. I move my feet and throw multiple jabs to force an opening. I alternate it with my hook and my uppercut to confuse. I move my head with it to counter, etc etc etc.

    I thought Bas was a big proponent of the jab in MMA. Regardless, I really like using it in boxing/kickboxing. I'm not at full range sparring yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yohan
    I thought Bas was a big proponent of the jab in MMA.
    Kind of, he advocates fighting very square to your opponent and putting a bunch of hip rotation into what he insists on calling a 'left straight' so you can use it to do damage. He doesn't like flicky, set-up type 'jabs'.

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