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    RATINGS: How Do Aliveness.....does your school look like this?

    OK, probably the biggest confusion in these reviews is how to rate your particular schools "Aliveness".

    I have made it easy for you. Below is the Aliveness rating scale and a video of the type of contact or training that corresponds to that rating.

    You now have no excuse when I decide to delete your review and stamp your avatar with an "Interwebs Doofus" label for rating your Wushu or Tai Chi school a 10.......so here it is.

    1: No sparring/contact, performance demonstration/forms only.

    YouTube - XMA Mike Chat

    YouTube - HIMAC 2007 Karate Form


    Sorry, that last one just cracked me up...

    2-3: Compliant partner drills, board breaking, point sparring

    YouTube - Wing Chun - Chi Sao fast and slow mo

    YouTube - Women's self defense simple step

    YouTube - Combat Tai Chi

    YouTube - Excellent Aikido Demonstration

    4-5: Light contact continuous sparring (negligible pain/risk).

    YouTube - karate sparing


    6-7: Medium contact with excessive safety gear.

    YouTube - TAE-KWON-DO Tornado Kick!!!!!

    YouTube - Full Contact Sparring (American Kickboxing) 2 R2


    8-9: Hard contact with reasonable safety gear and/or limited to one range of fighting (standup/grappling).

    YouTube - David BASS 4th Match at BJJ PAN AM 2008 (Alliance BJJ NYC)

    YouTube - Huge Boxing K.O 4


    YouTube - Muay Thai KO

    YouTube - Boxing Kangaroo

    Don't **** with the Kangaroo BIATCH!!!!

    10: Regular (monthly or less) skill testing via full contact, full range fighting, minimum safety equipment.


    Bas set to Big Pun.....hellzzzz yea!!!!


    So, there it is......You now have no excuse to rate your XMA training as a 10.

    "Yea, but GJ, my school doesn't wear the footy pads and we can Roshambo each other all we want"

    Whatever, the scale is not perfect by any means. So, if you feel your TKD school matches the vids for a 6 or 7, give it the 6 or 7 and explain why you think it is a 6 or 7. I may think, whatever, your school is actually a 5, but I will not be nit picky on anything other than obvious infections of stupidity where you give your sons TKD school a 9 or a 10.
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