Ok, there was a thread about Dream 3, but don't know where the hell that went, so...my view of the whole shabang! (the fights that I saw)

Caol Uno versus Mitsuhiro Ishida :

Caol Uno is the Andy Lau of mma, the "unageing one"! He outboxed Ishida, outwrestled him and then choked his ass out like they were in the schoolyard! I really hoped to find the same Ishida that outwrestled Melendez...but the one that showed up was a boxing version of him, with terrible results. My eyes still hurt at the fact that a great wrestler like him panicked and got choked without hooks...but hey, it happened to everyone of us at a certain point in our lives! PS-Kawajiri looked PISSED at Caol Uno when he went to pay his respects to Ishida's corner. See the video for visual confirmation. Ishida crying his eyes out didn't help either!

Joachim Hansen versus Eddie Alvarez:

WHOW, just WHOW! That's the stuff japanese mma fans live for...two guys giving their all in the ring and going back and forth without a clear winner at sight. Alvarez has power on his hands but still needs to work on posture and overcomitment! Hansen is a beast and I'm still a fan...he threw everything but the kitchen sink but Alvarez was on another level.
You could make several highlights of this fight, but the two KO's from Alvarez and his scape from that armbar from Hansen were gold!

Nick Diaz versus Katsuya Inoue

Calling it a dominant victory would be an understatment! Diaz used Inoue's head like a pinata for almost seven minutes before his corner realized that the kid wasn't going anywhere fast! I like Diaz's boxing style and his reflexes and the way he just messes with you defenses and such...add reach and agression and you have trouble for you! Inoue didn't have a solution for all of that. Diaz said he wanted to fight Aoki...I hope the mma demi-gods hear his appeals so we cant see a clash of true mma jiu jitsu in action!

Jason "Mayhem" Miller versus Katsuyori Shibata

Man, that was hillarious...and scary...and then hillarious again! Ownage is a word that comes to mind when thinking about this fight...on the feet, on the ground...just everywhere.
And what about the KODAK moment with the "V" that japanese schoolgirls love to throw around? Mongolian chops anyone? It seemed like another division of fighting between Miller and Shibata! I hope to see him (Miller) do battle in Japan again...and one of the reasons is that the japanese need a new type of "wild man" of mma, besided agressive african americans like Sapp or Manhoef . He even brought the chain...wigga please!

And speaking about Manhoef, he's a bad ass...acording to reports he should be in a hospital bed after the fight with Remi...he had a hole under his armpits and stichs to nail it shut and went and fought and won...now that's fighting spirit! Should I insert a Starnes joke or not? :fist: