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    Kesu gatame (scarf) vs Kuzure kesa gatame

    Recently went over the scarf hold in class, being shown the grips on the arm and the gi under the back of the head. While I was able to for the most part hold down someone for 30 seconds during a resistance drill when they were slightly bigger than me, once the weight difference went up 60 + I found it hard not to get turned over.

    My question is whether a broken scarf hold might be better in such a case, as I've had more luck with that (using clasped hands and not the gi as a grip) for holding down guys.

    I suppose the other answer is that when dealing with a huge weight disparity, you can't hope to hold any pin for too long a time and you need to transition.

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    Personally, I prefer Makura Kesa Gatame - the pillow-scarf hold:

    By pillowing their head, you make it both harder for them to breathe, and harder for them to dislodge you. Just watch that they don't get a leg over and get toketa (hold broken).

    Edit: I also find it more applicable to no-gi.

    Also, if you had to choose from hon kesa gatame:

    and kuzure kesa gatame:

    I'd go with kuzure, because there's less chance of the opponent slipping out and taking your back.

    On the plus side for hon kesa gatame, I like to transition to a kata gatame if they are stronger.
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    personally i like the one with the under hook on the far side (i don't know the judo terms). you cut off the escape from the back door and you also can set up key locks on the arm.

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