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    Nothing stops you from looking at beginner books, or vids on the basics and then trying them out in the advanced class. Some people pick it up quicker then others, others own the technique when they finally 'get' it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melkolmr
    In my BJJ school, generally we're taught a few techniques from a certain position each class, we drill them, we drill guard passing and then we roll live.
    I don't get it......are you taught, a) arm bar from guard, or b) taking the back from de la riva guard?

    My bet is you drill something like "A" and not "B". That being the case "A" is a beginning technique that contains A LOT of basic fundamentals that must be hit to perform the technique correctly.

    Nailing down the little fundamentals, i.e., breaking down the guys posture, securing the cross side arm correctly, correct hip rotation and leg movement to further break the guy down, locking the arm bar driving your head side leg and the guys head to the ground, etc, etc, is what the drilling and instruction is for.

    Guard passing? Are you being taught a) knee to taint guard break to combat base and knee pass, or b) lapel wrap the arm behind the back to standing guard break and take the back.

    Again, I'm betting "A", and like the first example "A", there are a ton of small basic fundamentals that must be executed properly to get that guard break and pass to work.

    If you have questions about why your instructor is telling you to move a certain way or why you are being told to grab the sleeve or lapel that way YOU NEED TO ASK THE QUESTION!!!!

    There is a reason for every movement you do in a technique, being a good student is learning why you do what you do, rather than simply copying the instructor's movements.

    Oh, and at this point, I would vote for no books. Get on the mat and ask your instructor and upper belts and roll.

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