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    KC Hook-n-Shoot Results

    <center><img src="http://www.kchooknshoot.com/21nov03/images/eventpic.jpg"></img></center>

    The first KC Hook-n-Shoot event rocked the Midwest with 14 matches including NHB, Muay Thai, Tag Team Submission Grappling, and even Stickfighting.

    NHB: Rich Allen def Chad Sullivan, R2, TKO (towel thrown in)

    Muay Thai: Oscar Montenegro def Jimmy Little JD R3

    NHB: Joe Mabin def Kevin Cassady R1, TKO (ref stoppage)

    Tag Team Sub Grappling: Team Pippen AJJ Draw Team Crawford AJJ

    NHB: Dave Snyder def Scott Heston R1 Submission (arm bar)

    Tag Team Sub Grappling: Team Crawford AJJ def Team Henson AJJ

    NHB: Greg Bell (Submission Factory) def Dean Johnston R1 Submission (arm bar)

    Stickfight: Mike Moraine def Shawn Monday (Double Disarm)

    NHB: Ikuru Kuwajima def Morgan Bracket R2 TKO

    Muay Thai: Travis McEnaney def Nicholas Nguyen R2 Stoppage (towel thrown in)

    NHB: Conrad Butler def Eric Hill R3 Submission

    Tag Team Sub Grappling: Team Crawford (Matt Cox, Jobe Duran) AJJ def CPW Team Sullivan, Submission

    Women's Muay Thai: Sara Schneider def Katherine Conklin R1 KO

    Light Heavyweight Title "Superfight"

    NHB: Rob Kimmons def Davd Webster R1 KO

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    tag team?? holy crap! cool! .. it would have been cooler if it was 2 on 2 or 3 on 3 but tag team is a start ..

    it would be so hard to do a 3 on 3 match and keep it safe .. it would be a cool experiment though


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