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    National Pankration Dual Team Championships

    US National Dual Team Championships
    July 26th Santa Ana High School

    We are looking at having: Team San Diego - Team Orange County - Team Marines - Team San Bernardino - Team Riverside - Team Nevada - Team Los Angeles - Team Northern California - Team Central California - Team Arizona. All others interested teams let me know ASAP. We may also have Cadet Team (11-13yrs) duals if any teams are interested.

    Please let me know if you want to be a Team Cordinator. You can combine schools to make a team.

    -This is a dual team event. The top four teams will receive a Trophy and individual medals for top 3. No Professionals allowed

    -All teams are guaranteed a minimum of 2 matches.

    -Teams should have a competitor in each of the following weight classes:

    -Teams may also have up to 5 alternates.

    -Each team will have a $200 entry fee regardless of the amount of competitors.

    -Team Sponsors are encouraged.

    -Individual wins will score the following team points:

    Submission: 6 points
    Tech Submission (15 pt advantage): 5 points
    Major Decision (8-14 pt advantage): 4 points
    Decision: (1-7 pt advantage): 3 points

    Criteria for tie:

    1. Team with most individual wins
    2. Team with most submissions
    3. Team with most individual scoring points

    Teams will be seeded by individual competitor accomplishments

    -Seeding will be done in this order:

    1. Prior individual Pankration tournament experience
    2. Prior individual tournament experience other than Pankration
    3. Belt rankings and time training

    Teams are not limited to specific schools and can represent any geographic area.

    Please contact [email protected] if you would like to be a Team coordinator.

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    Are you guys ever going to have events outside of California?

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    They have a few events in Wisconsin, not as orginized as California events or as consistant.
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