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    Quote Originally Posted by Mugsy View Post
    "6-7: Comprehensive grappling with success in local/regional competition or practical application (LEO, military)."

    don't Law Enforcement Officers go out of their way to avoid grappling in any capacity, and certainly ne Waza type situations? Why would this be the yardstick for this category?
    Grappling in that context includes ogoshi-ing suspects to the ground, wristlocking a shiv out of a convict's hand, and Kimura-ing perps, armbarring convicts, and scrambling to stand up from an unexpected or unsprawled tackle.

    All of those are specific references to people I know or have read here on Bullshido from corrections, bouncers or cops. Search the site and ask LEOs you know. Joint techniques, throws, and groundwork are part and parcel of LEO activity. It's not ideal, but you don't always get to determine where the fight goes.

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    Also, make sure you understand the definition of grappling. As 1point2 did in his overly complicated way, grappling includes many control tactics, holds, chokes, taking subjects to the ground etc.

    Remember grappling isn't just armbars and triangles on the ground. In other words, grappling=/=BJJ/Sambo/Wrestling exclusively.

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    IIF and "blockhead", your interwebz rhetoric showdown has been moved on!!!! Just not here, please.

    How do rate LEO grappling "expertise/training"... - No BS Martial Arts


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