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    Quote Originally Posted by 8bit
    Hmm, the weapons rating system is suspect. So if mr. retired special ops vietnam vet were to rate his battlefield-tested military combat course, he would have to allow shooting and stabbing students in order to get a ten in weapons?
    Yes, even though you are being sarcastic.

    You know weapons with paint, lasers, etc that would show you were injured or killed.
    They could also do the pen, paint, etc thing that many 10 rated schools would receive if they were rated.

    Also, to answer this if you are implying park leave it blank and say park. Then people have an honest opinion.

    Maybe we need a zero option for those type of cases.

    Here is how I take it for weapons.

    Dog brothers would get a 10.
    Wushu Two man Sets would get a 1.

    Better yet since you brought a Vet into the picture:
    Military, Police, Swat, get a 10.
    Nerf dart gun/Super Soaker get a 1.

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    Well that answers that. Those were some great weapons sparring clips. Wish I knew of a school like that second clip around here.

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    A question for the the categories involving full contact sparring/weapons with limited safety gear. What if its rank dependant. In my current school a yellow sash is expected to make limited to no face contact while brown sash and up routinely fight full contact closed fist, elbows and knees. A new person going to that school would never have that experience but after gaining the appropriate experience and control they would move into it.

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