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    Quote Originally Posted by h_sh_m
    - Also, reading this post I realize that some things make me seem hella ignorant.

    hella? you guys say that in NY now?

    EDIT: sorry I have nothing relevant to say, I'm just a young guy on my way to a future probably much like the one you've described
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    The sad thing is I knew you were in trouble when you wrote your original pre-Muay Thai guide. It was full of terrible advice and a clear path to over training.

    What you need to do is cut back to 3 days a week for a couple months. The amount of training you jumped into is asinine.

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    hey people. don't know if you remember me, but it's been over three months now. just wanted to let yall know what's going on and make a request.

    Pretty much everything healed up during my time off, with the exception of the trapezius which is still really bad.

    i've been seeing a sports med doctor, been on prescription anti-inflammatories (ibueprofen), muscle relaxers (cardamazapine), gotten massages (deep tissue/myofascial/reflexology type), tried ice, tried heat, got cortizone injections, done stretching, yoga, etc.

    Still no success. I haven't slept in a bed for 3 months because a hard wood floor is significantly less painful. I've eliminated all non-essential (ie: not work-related) computer use because this aggravates it, and i haven't been doing any training (with the exception of a little after the first cortizone injection because i thought the problem was fixed). i've maintained perfect posture and avoid any heavy use of that side of my body, i avoid sitting, i don't read because it hurts to either look down or hold the book up, etc.

    Anyway, i just had my second round of cortizone shots, targetted at 3 large knots at various points in the trapezius (upper: between neck & shoulder, middle: at the bottom of the scapula, and low: right alongside the spine)

    The doctor has also prescribed a new anti-inflammatory (20mg piroxicam) and gave me a referral for physical therapy. The referral says the following:

    Area to Treat: Strain of R Trapezius with muscle spasm
    Onset Date: 3 months
    Brief Phys Findings: Trap strain
    Pain Treatment ; hotpacks, TENS, cryotherapy, Ultrasound_ Therapeutic Exercises, Therapeutic Massage/Myofascial Release, teach HEP_
    Instruction: Evaluate and Treat

    So here's the issue:
    Does anybody know of a good physical therapy/sports rehab place in the New York City area? My doctor is new to the area so he doesn't have good connections. He urged me to get the advice of people involved in MMA or sports because he didn't want me to end up at a place oriented toward treating old people with parkinsons or something.

    Tried to find a place on my own but i'm realizing that physical therapy, rehab, massage and all that other **** is very much infested with the same type of fraudster bullshido peddlar that martial arts is.

    I'm not looking for someone to ignore the prescription entirely and pitch me on his own brand of therapy. Or for a relaxing massage, spiritual enlightenment or even exploration of my spinal alignment. I'm pretty damn sure at this point (as is my doctor) that this is a muscle strain that needs physical therapy. I'm looking for an established place oriented toward sports rehab with industry standard techniques.

    If anybody knows a place they can recommend I'd appreciate it. This is the worst injury i've ever had and it's wasting alot of precious time.

    I'm willing to pay alot of money, but if you know of a cheaper place that'd be great cause there's a good chance i'd have to pay out of pocket.


    ps: I'm also gonna post this request in YMAS to get more views
    nb: post 300 bitches!

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    Quote Originally Posted by A.D.D
    I say this everytime I post but you should take large doses of fish oil for your joints. It is also a mild anti-inflammatory so that should help with inflammation 24/7. Not to mention the myriad of other health benefits you experience.
    how much is large?

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