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    Quote Originally Posted by TTMMA Dragon
    TTMMA will be big enough t have shows in your home towns and I'll see you there you can tell me how you told me it was all going to end badly on the internet lol. Take care.
    This will not happen if one of your fighters is seriously hurt, or dies due to not having any medical staff onhand.

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    Hey the spring event has been and gone and was a great success! Thanks for all the kind and not so kind words, feedback of any sort is appreciated and I respect your viewpoints. But in the mean time I have a summer event to set up.

    Results @

    One quick question; what should the minimum age be to compete? I have a 14 year old who wants to compete which is too young IMO. Thoughts?

    Hey if anyone is good at designing posters and ad material this is my current flier for the next event. Very amateurish so free help appreciated.

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    PS. Being posted on Bullshido really helped my org, we got the host gym via someone who saw the this topic and said hey I wanna be part of that sounds fun. Thanks!

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