Okay guys, little update. Today I went to check out the Judo club and had my "first" Judo class in some what 13 - 14 years.
The place is nice, relatively large matt space (2 "rings"), people are nice too (funny thing, one of the guys from the JiuJitsu class trains there, good to know).
I talked to one of the trainers (2nd degree BB, nice guy), told him about my background and that I was looking for some ground game. He was totally honest with me, told me they teach ground techniques but not every lesson. They do ?randori? (don't get at me for the spelling of the Japanese names and all) at the end of each lesson, either from stand or from the knees or both, which will lead to the ground.
The lesson today looked like this:
  1. warm-up, wasn't that intense, more an easy one, but it was sufficient for what we did.
  2. showed two versions/entrance for the ?saionage? and one alternative, when the opponent blocks the throw (forgot the name, some in leg "sweep"/throw)
  3. he showed a choke (my JJ trainer used the same one on me once), first from guard and second from being in guard and then he showed 2 counters. Good, solid explanation of the technique, what you have to look out for and all. I liked it.
  4. randori which was very awkward for me since it was stand up and the distance is my usual "kick and blow" range and I wasn't allowed to do any of those. It felt weird.
    I slapped away/ blocked almost every attempt of a hold they tried to get on my gi (pissed them off a little), since I was way out of my league against those guys when it comes to throws, did not land one clean throw.
    They gave me some props for not getting thrown easily and they were kind of surprised by my switch from stand-up to groundwork (don't wana brag here but I landed two armbars after I was send to the ground, probably would have lost by ?Ipon? before but still...)
    What was strange for me, when ever I was about to established a backmount they turtled, waited a second or two and then told me it was over and to stand up again.

Over all, I will go there again next week, check out my second free class and then see if this is what I am looking for or not.