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    looking for small mma gyms-contact #'s

    I am hoping you guys may be able to help me, I am looking for any small gyms that may have fighters in either NY, western Conneticut, Vermont or western Mass.

    We are a small promotion that does amature mma smokers to raise $$ for charity, we give trophies & can help small gyms put themselves on the map!

    I tried googling & yahoo & the like, but only fighters know gyms that actually breed fighters, I am tired of calling #'s only to find endless lists of mc dojo's who want nothing to do with really competitions.

    Our past shows are on you-tube- "Empire State Warrior Challenge." Our next show is september 13th, it will be a great time!

    this will be our 6th show, we have put on 95 smoker & demo bouts, the most serious injury we have occured was a busted knee, (that happened when a drunk attacked the karoke machine!) We have a dr & EMT's at all smokers! we have raised over $7500, for various causes, please help me, gym leaders I can give travel expenses in certain situations!

    518-872-1726 or 518-872-9239 or
    [email protected]
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