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    Ok, here's the scoop on Murat: He was on Russian GTF/USTF TK-D Team back in mid-late 90's under GM Park, Jung Tae / Scott McNeely.

    He competed in the US in some really good TK-D Tournaments that I know of first hand. Then, it came time to go back to Russia and he kind of said, "No." in not so many words! So did his coach...Pisarenko or Fedachinko, I think.
    Eventually the coach went back to Sovietland and was promptly found to have fell out a second story window and died!

    Murat then stayed at my house for three (3) months and we trained and taught in Fayetteville until he got a place-hookup in New Jersey.
    He worked with me as an assistant Investigator for Contract Intelligence (investigative branch of a law office). He backed me up on some bikers/dope heads that had us jammed up on a surveillance. "I think they want fight." as they shook their fists and demanded we get our "..D.E.A. asses out of the car!" We weren't DEA, but for some reason, they were scared of DEA? ? ?

    I taught him lots of the "good" English words like son of bitch, ass and so forth and he taught me some Russian words...actually, he's NOT Russian. He's from one of those former Soviet- ...-akstan countries on the Black Sea.

    We did a Tae Kwon Do Demo at the University of Arkansas and he broke his foot and shrugged it off saying, "Is Ok. It not hurt bad." It was broke! (fellow student x-rayed it for us at city hospital.)

    He had some cool Sambo moves back then and definitely had some toughness. We trained in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu from whoever and whatever we could get. I surmise he continued with his training? Yes.

    He's a pretty tough little dude. He was a traditional TK-D 4th Degree back then in 1994 - 96...somewhere around there.

    I'd call him if I was in trouble and had to have some serious "want to fight" help.

    I talked to him last month on the phone. He's rough but cool. Looks like that Frankie Avalon (?) guy from them old 60's Frankie & Annette Funachello beach movies.

    If you talk to him, ask him if he still has the coat I gave him, I still have the cowboy belt.

    Yes, this is a response to an old post / thread but I consider him a balshoy droog of mine. Hope this helps.

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    Are you anything to do with Stephen Thompson of Karate World in the UK?

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    Just wanted to add here since it has been a while, that since this thread first started, I have worked with the folks at K-Dojo on several occassions. Most recently they collaborated with us for the last GQ team challenge (they contributed to Team American Sambo). They are a great bunch of legit folks. Very good students and coaches. I definitely would recommend them.
    One of the best Bullshido investigations ever written:

    "disgruntled ex student who couldn't hack training with Dave and his material and opted out (could be called pussied out) of training to go to Sambo" - Mor Sao

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    i'm a college student that just joined their gym.. what do u wana know?

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    Quote Originally Posted by frankdatank92 View Post
    i'm a college student that just joined their gym.. what do u wana know?
    See SamboSteve's post? He said they are legit. He has enough accolades, experience and video to end this thread. A noob student cannot surpass his comments.

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