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    Quote Originally Posted by Razamataz
    We don't know how far he can go. Maybe he can take the belt away from Rampage, maybe he won't get past Tito. It's easy to beat up jobbers (I'm not referring to the fighters you mentioned), but it doesn't show how much you're capable of. I think Machima can go much further in his career, I just don't how much further until he has some more big name competition.
    Is it that fucking hard to just cut and paste the fucking name out of the previous paste, you typing-disabled retard?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wakarukaya
    I want Wanderlei to win so that he can fight Rampage again. Jardine definitely deserves a shot though.

    In my opinion, Sherk is more boring than Machida. I think BJ has all the tools available to take out Sherk.

    Machida will win, especially if Tito tries to strike with him. Tito didn't make a very good showing in his last fight, and he hasn't beaten anyone on Machida's level for a while. I think Machida takes this one, most likely by decision. I'd be incredibly surprised and impressed if he somehow finishes the fight though.
    yea its true its funny how some ppl view machida as an exciting techinical striker
    and then the other half think he's boring as f***

    hopefully he'll smash tito and get were he needs to be

    too bad this sport isnt all about winning and technique
    its also about the crowd you generate

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    If you think Machida is boring you don't know anything about striking. It's that simple.

    Listen to his interview on the UFC 84 site it is the only one I've seen where every word he says is true.

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    I bet 32 gold rupee's on Tito any takers?

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