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I am Shawn, i use to study taekwondo and kendo. After I got injured in a taekwondo tournament my doc told me that i need to rest up for 6 months and not do martial arts. I took his advice and after 6 months he told me i can get back in to martial arts, well i was not ok. i got injured again and my doc told me i need to stop all together. Im happy that i did not get a black belt because the belt system is being used as a weapon by those who interests themselves in corruption and politics. Donn Schucker is a lier. He says that in his organization there is no politics and everything is far. Thats true BULLSHIDO! He is a stone cold conservative and so is his SMAA. He says that all the other associations are bull and that their rank certifications is fake. Again Donn is full of it. These assciations have real rank certifications, they all do including the SMAA.

Each association will say that the other associations rank certifications are fake, but they all are real. As for politics, I have not seen politics play a role in the USMA but I do know that Phil Porter has made decisions that make him look bad. He is a good person but remember he is up there in age. He is in his 80's! His brain does not work to well. He makes both good and bad decisions but Donn Schucker is worse. He says politics does not play a role in his association! BULLSHIDO!!! I have been keeping an eye on him for years while he was a part of the USMA and SMAA. He is a stone cold conservative, he is the type of person that would not care if a family was suffering as long as he got what he wanted.

Conservatives in politics are the ones who have flushed this country down the drain. He says that Phil Porter is not a legit promoter, well than when Donn was with him I guess he was a legit promoter. In the martial arts once you earn a legit rank and certification then its real and if you are high enough up the ranks such as 3rd degree and up than you can promote. Lets say you are a 1st degree black belt and you have been for 3 months, if your instructor promotes you right away to 3rd degree than it is legit even though that promotion should never have happend. Just because Donn Schucker got mad at Phil Porter and decided to walk away and start his own association does not mean that Phil Porter is no longer a legit promoter.

I have a friend who lives in Florida who has had problems with Schucker. She told me that after her master passed away she had no promoter and feared that her students would be held back. At the time she was a 3rd degree black belt and she has been for 4 years. After she got in contact with Schucker who at the time was with the USMA, he had her promoted to 4th degree black belt. Then 2 years later he called her up and told her that he was leaving the USMA and was starting his own association. He even said that her rank is not legit and if she joins his association then it will automatically become legit. She was feeling upset over the matter and refused to join. Afterwards he told her that she is not a martial artist and does not want her to be a part of his association.
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