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    Enshin Karate

    I'm considering training in Enshin Karate, a full-contact Kyokushin offshoot. From my understanding, a key facet of Enshin is a footwork system known as the Sabaki Method. Can anybody with experience in Enshin explain to me how the techniques, strategies, and training of Enshin and Sabaki match up with those of other striking styles? For example, if an Enshin guy were to participate in a kickboxing bout, would he have any bad habits that he would need to overcome to be effective? And what's the overall difference between Kyokushin and Enshin?

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    Simply put Enshin is striking & grappling while KK is striking. Kancho Ninomiya is Judoka and Kyokushin karateka and he launched Enshin by mixing KK + Judo.

    So biggest difference between KK and Enshin is the takedowns incorporated within Enshin. Enshin has limited groundgame and takedown (limited compared to other grappling MA.

    Closest MA Enshin would match up is Daido Juku which is another KK offshoot where the founder is Judoka and Kyokushin karateka.

    Your best bet is just going to Enshin school and train. I have never heard anything bad about Enshin and you can find them in US. Another choice is to do KK and Judo separately but you loose the benefit of having instructors who can teach you and guide you how to flow them together. If you need more info, there are Enshin karateka that are active on this site I can't think of their names off top of my head but I know they're here because I trained with them during Daido Juku seminar in NYC.


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